Selfish and inconsiderate people are unfortunately individuals we encounter frequently throughout our lives. It is difficult to comprehend how or why certain individuals are able to carry out their daily living in a self-centred manner, but it is important to keep in mind that in specific circumstances, we are unable to change how such person lives.

I am not innocent when it comes to being selfish or inconsiderate, and I don’t believe anyone truly is. We can all be selfish at times – I would argue selfishness is human nature. It is instinctual to put our own needs and wants before those of others, but what is key in this situation is to stop ourselves from doing so and to acknowledge the fact that perhaps placing the needs of others before our own is required in order to live a better life.

I become easily angered when I encounter someone who is consistently selfish. When I say consistently selfish, I am referring to a person who is repetitive in their inconsiderate thoughts and actions towards other individuals. You try to recognize that perhaps they were unaware of their selfish behaviour, though your optimism is swiftly abolished when you realize that the person is simply inconsiderate overall. You give ample opportunity for such person to correct their self-centred behaviour, though the opportunity is overlooked, and their actions do not alter. In this situation, it is important to consider the possibility that perhaps such person is toxic, a personality trait I refer to in a prior post.

Placing the needs and wants of others before your own can be incredibly difficult, but it is essential if you wish to gain and earn the respect and trust of others. When I find myself struggling with the effort of being courteous of others, I remind myself of how much has been done for me in my own life, and in doing so I am able to correct my negative thoughts and give my attention to what is most needed.

Be kind.

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