My Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

The other evening I was feeling adventurous enough to take a gander at creating my own Halloween look. I cannot claim this look as entirely my own due to the inspiration I received from watching a YouTube tutorial by Chrisspy, but I did make some slight changes to her tutorial to better suit my minimal skills.

Quite honestly, I had absolutely zero confidence that my creation would turn out to be anything noteworthy, and while the finished product certainly was not perfect, it was better than I was expecting. If I can do it, you can do it, and the video I watched that prompted me to try a skull look can be found here:

I was worried that I would not have the products required to create this particular skull creation, hence where my own adaptations to Chrisspy’s look came in. I used liquid eyeliner to create the outlines of my teeth and to fill in my nose, and I used a pencil eyeliner to smudge the teeth afterward. Rather than using orange eyeshadow as Chrisspy does in her tutorial, I used a blush because I did not have an orange shadow on hand. I used a black shadow to outline the hollows of my cheeks and attempted to use the same blush to create a gradient look, and I did a smokey eye look with winged eyeliner and false eyelashes to tie the creation together. I found that the key to creating a realistic, dimensional skull, in any form, is blending, so ensure you have a decent set of brushes on hand prior to creating a skull look.

The entire look took me about twenty minutes to create, and I imagine it is the sort of thing that gets better with practice. Give it a try and see how your own skull turns out!


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