Classic Accessories Every Woman Should Have

I personally am not a huge fan of accessorizing. I prefer simplicity over extravagance, however, I do believe that there are certain pieces all women should have in their possession.

A watch is definitely a timeless, classic accessory. A watch is an incredibly versatile piece, both in appearance and use, and it can be worn in almost any scenario. Depending on the type of watch, it can be worn to either dress up or dress down an outfit, and nowadays you can purchase watches with interchangeable bands to compliment a certain piece of clothing. You can’t go wrong with a watch.

Hoop earrings are another staple. I prefer silver hoops, however, hoops can be purchased in almost any finish. Similar to a watch, hoop earring can be worn with just about everything, and they serve as an excellent means to spice up a simple outfit. They’re easy, simplistic and chic, and I highly recommend them.

Diamond studs are fantastic as well. When I saw diamond, I do not really mean diamond, because unless you’re financially blessed, not everyone can afford a pair of diamond studs, myself included. You can find studs that look like diamonds but are made from other stones, for example, Zirconia, and they are definitely deceiving considering they could pass as diamonds. If you have two piercings in your ears as I do, try pairing your classic hoops with some basic diamond studs. It is a gorgeous combination, and again, this can be worn casually or formally.

There are arguably other essential accessories I am missing, but the three I mentioned are my own personal staples. I wear at least one of these accessories daily, sometimes all three, and they are easy to find and will not destroy your wallet, depending on the type you purchase. See for yourself!

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