Game of Thrones: Season Seven

I am actually quite saddened to be writing this post. I have recently concluded the seventh season of Game of Thrones, and to my knowledge, the eighth and final season will not be aired until 2019.

That is a long time to wait.

From what I have heard about the eighth and final season, it will consist of a mere six episodes (seasons one through six contain ten episodes), and the seventh season I just finished consists of seven. Granted, the episodes in season seven were slightly longer than usual, however, I personally would have appreciated an entire ten episodes, and the same goes for season eight. I suppose I will take what I can get.

If you have read my other reviews of Game of Thrones seasons, you are arguably anticipating my statement proclaiming that season seven is the best yet, a statement I have made in the last couple of posts in which I reviewed seasons. I apologize for the redundancy and contradictions, but the seasons really do continue to get better as they progress, and season seven was no exception. I cannot stress enough how thoroughly I enjoy this show, and the visual effects that go into each episode are absolutely astounding, specifically scenes in which dragons are depicted.

Season seven focuses tremendously on the building tension between Daenerys and Cersei Lannister and their ongoing battle to claim the Iron Throne, and further the approaching battle between the living and the dead. Former alliances are abolished while new ones are made, and personally, I am rooting for team Daenerys, however, I doubt anyone in their right mind would be pulling for Cersei.

There are some key pieces of information revealed in season seven, for example, the validation that Jon Snow is not a Stark, but rather a Targaryen, and further what his new relationship with Daenerys really means and the conflicts it could prompt. As per usual, there are many deaths, and the death of Viserion truly is one of the saddest of the entire series.

I have come to appreciate this series significantly, and I highly anticipate the release of the final season.

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