How to Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is an absolutely crucial component of living a healthy life. However, for a majority of individuals, ingesting enough water in a given day is a difficult task, and it can be challenging to fathom ways to incorporate more H20 into your diet.

For me, personally, Mio is an absolute life-saver. If you’re unaware of what Mio is, it is a water enhancing flavour that is free of sugar and calories, quite similar to Crystal Light. Mio comes in a variety of flavours, my favourite being Black Cherry, and it definitely makes drinking water a little less boring for me.

The same goes for infused water. Simply adding your preferred fruits and herbs to a pitcher of water can make a tremendous difference. There are countless infused water recipes and combinations, some common examples being raspberry and mint, citrus and sage, even cucumber melon. Do some research and determine a combination that most appeals to you.

A highly effective strategy to promote water consumption is always carrying a large water bottle with you. Having water nearby, acting as a physical reminder in a sense, is likely to consciously encourage you to drink more water. One liter water bottles, free of BPA plastics, can be purchased from a variety of retailers for a reasonable price.

Another option is making use of a smartphone app that reminds you to drink water throughout the day. I personally have never experimented with one of these apps, but I know many people who rely on them to encourage them to drink more water. There are many available, most for free, and if you’re someone who has a hard time remembering to stay hydrated, perhaps this method is best for you.

Drinking water is so important, therefore if you are able to designate strategies and methods to make staying hydrated easier, go for it!

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