How To Be More Creative As A Writer

When I was a university student, enrolled in the English Language and Literature program, I took a course in my third year dedicated to the concept of creative writing. I was excited yet simultaneously leery about this course because I was unsure of what exactly it consisted of, and looking back, I can say with confidence that this course was one of the best English courses I took at Brock university (shout out to Professor Caple).

Creative writing is undoubtedly something I recommend for any person, regardless of whether or not they have the desire to pursue writing in their life. Creative writing is a phenomenal practice to invest in as it encourages iniquity and adverse approaches to tasks in all contexts, and it can be exercised in a variety of ways.

Blogging is an excellent means to practice creative writing. The web is a fantastic resource when it comes to expressing oneself, and there many resources available to help persons begin a blog.

Bullet journaling is also a wonderful way to flex your creative muscles. It combines writing with artistry and is a realm in which any person can participate. Bullet journals can be purchased from most book or craft stores, and standard academic notebooks also work.

The practice of writing letters to a past or future self is another effective strategy to promote creativity in your writing. Whether you are writing to yourself or someone else, the task of writing a letter you may never send is an excellent way to force thoughts into motion, and is further an effective emotional coping strategy. It acts as a sort of closure and is a valuable resource to reference in the future and monitor personal growth.

Creative writing is a practice that can be adapted by anyone, and its benefits are indefinite. Designate the ways in which you personally prefer to exercise creative writing, and allow your thoughts to flow freely.

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