How Do I Know If My Partner Is My Soulmate?

I saw a Tweet a couple of days ago that reads: “A lady told me one time, ‘one day you’ll just be living your life and you’ll meet someone who is like the guy version of yourself; that’s how you’ll know.’ & I 10/10 would recommend praying and waiting for that” (@_alirigney).

For me, personally, this Tweet really hit home, because I firmly believe my boyfriend fits the criteria described in this Tweet. So often I tell people one of the main reasons why Blaine and I get along so well is because we have the same weird, demented and slightly inappropriate sense of humour, amongst other things we have in common. We also share similar beliefs towards different things, and he really is my best friend.

Are Blaine and I perfect? Hell no. I don’t think there is a single couple in existence that is perfect (with the exception of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds), and I find this to be perfectly normal. Occasional disagreements and arguments are a key component in strengthening the bond you have with your partner, as they allow you to grow together and overcome adversities.

Are Blaine and I soulmates? Good question. I don’t think anyone really has the power to determine whether or not someone is their soulmate because life is so unpredictable. That being said, if you’re incredibly happy with your partner and you can visualize yourself spending the rest of your life with them, I think it’s a fair indication that you may have found yourself a lifelong partner.

I think there is a lot of pressure in society towards couples. Pressure to find the perfect partner; pressure to depict your relationship via social media; and pressure to maintain a flawless relationship for the sake of others. At the end of the day, relish in the fact you’ve found someone you’re happy with, and stop labelling everything. Are they your soulmate? Who knows. Do you love them? Because really, that’s what matters most.

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