How To Get Out Of A Funk

Being in a funk is a rather unfortunate experience. You feel sluggish, unmotivated, and for me, personally, downright sad/glum. Funks can happen in a variety of situations; perhaps you’re feeling rather stuck at work, and can’t seem to designate any light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak; maybe it’s with your partner, and you’re feeling a little bored and unenthusiastic about your future together; it could be in school, stress creeping in because you’re not satisfied with the program you’re enrolled in but don’t know how to reroute.

Funks happen to the best of us, but the good news is that they’re not permanent.

I’ve read and written a few different pieces discussing how to remove yourself from a funk, and while many offer great ideas, I have come to realize that getting out of a funk is entirely subjective, depending on each and every person who experiences one. For example, when I’m feeling a bit blah, I like to take some me-time, and do the things that make me happy. What makes me happy may not make another person happy, though, hence why it is so important to come to terms with what it is that is causing the funk in the first place. You can read endless tips and strategies to perk yourself up temporarily, but until you’re able to put your finger on what is making you feel a little down and work to correct it, these feelings of melancholy and sadness will continue to creep back into your life.

Experiencing funk periods in life is absolutely normal, but the trick is to get on top of them before they escalate. It can be difficult to pull yourself out of a slump if you allow it to progress and deepen, so grab that shovel and fill in the hole while you’re still standing above it.

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