Film review: Leatherface

I’m not one to get easily queasy. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of gore, because, quite honestly, why would I enjoy seeing someone getting torn to shreds, but gore isn’t typically something to make me feel physically ill if I do happen to see it.

However, after watching Leatherface with my boyfriend a couple of nights ago, I will admit my opinions of what I thought was a strong stomach have been slightly swayed.

This movie was disgusting. Gore, disturbing practices and scenes, necrophilia, excessive, brutal violence and downright immoral behaviour, I have never felt physically sick after watching a movie until I viewed this one.

Directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo and written by Seth M. Sherwood, this 2017 horror flick stars Stephen Dorff as the town sheriff, Vanessa Grasse as Lizzie, a nurse in the town mental asylum, Sam Strike as Jackson, otherwise known as Jedidiah Sawyer, and Lili Taylor as his mother, Verna. Number eight in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre saga, Leatherface serves as a prequel to the original film, explaining how the chainsaw-wielding maniac came to be.

This will likely sound hypocritical and somewhat contradictory, but despite how much I disliked the film, I will admit that it was reasonably well-done. The acting from Taylor as Verna and Strike as Jackson is great, specifically considering how incredibly sad and disturbing their familial structure and relationship is.

The movie follows a group of teenagers who have escaped from a mental asylum and their attempt to achieve freedom, however, things take several unexpected turns as the film progresses. If you’re easily bothered by brutal violence, I do not recommend this movie whatsoever.

While I 100% would not watch this one again, I can see how it may appeal to someone else. If you like bloody, disgusting, sickening scenarios, give it a watch.

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