Film review: Hereditary

I finally got around to viewing Hereditary the other evening after hearing quite a bit of hype about it. I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect, but good Lord, this movie is one for the books.

A 2018 horror/supernatural movie, Hereditary was written and directed by Ari Aster in his mind-blowing directorial debut.

Seriously, this guy couldn’t have set the bar any higher for his first go at the big screen.

It stars Toni Collette as Annie, Alex Wolff as Peter, Milly Shapiro as Charlie, and Gabriel Byrne as Steve. Depicting the truly chilling history of this family, the film’s depiction of disturbing tragedy after disturbing tragedy are crucial components of the story’s end-game. The film begins shortly after the death of Annie’s mother, grandmother to Charlie and Peter, and pretty much catapults into a complete mind fu*k from there onwards. Colette received significant praise for her acting chops in this movie, and I’m not surprised; playing an emotionally and mentally unstable woman who is convinced she is a supernatural medium, at times her character made me deeply uncomfortable because she plays Annie so convincingly.

The film earned close to $80M with a $10M budget and quickly became A24’s highest-grossing film worldwide. Hereditary has been dubbed as the scariest horror flick of 2018, and based on what I’ve seen so far this year, I’m gonna have to agree.

I genuinely cannot express how twisted and unexpected the plot of this movie is, and the ending is one I will not be able to fully process for a while, I’m certain. I’m not trying to be over-dramatic; this film scared the shit out of me, which is what I love about a well-executed horror movie.

If you’re a horror fan and have yet to see this one, make sure you do. Perhaps have some gravol on hand, though; it’s a smidge graphic.

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2 thoughts on “Film review: Hereditary

  1. This movie was really creepy especially the ending part, it left me wondering it the entire movie was one big occult evocation or tribute to a demon for favors received, just saying.


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