The best horror flicks of 2018

I love a good horror movie, as you likely know, so I thought it might be fun to compose a list of what I found to be the best horror flicks for 2018. While I may have watched these in 2018, it doesn’t necessarily mean they were released in 2018, so please don’t attack me for having older movies mixed in here.

  1. Hush – This movie is a classic heart-stopping, teeth-clenching, has you on the edge of your seat kind of horror flick. Depicting a young woman’s fight for survival, who happens to be deaf and mute, this movie did not disappoint, and I’ve actually seen it a few times.
  2. The Shining – Obviously this one wasn’t released in 2018, but I was a little delayed in getting around to watch it. A true classic, The Shining is an absolute must-see for any horror movie connoisseur, and I only wish I had seen it sooner.
  3. The Haunting of Hill House – This may not be a movie, but this television series is right at the top of the list for the best show or movie I viewed in 2018. A 10-episode saga, this one-season series is a Netflix original and had me seriously invested in its characters and storyline. It’s absolutely worth the watch.
  4. Hereditary – This movie is likely number one for me in terms of how seriously disturbing it is, so if you really enjoy a terrifying film, you need to see this one. This movie stuck with me for a few days after watching it and had me feeling a little uneasy at times; it’s definitely one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in a while, let alone this past year.
  5. A Quiet Place – This movie isn’t super scary, but the plot and acting are incredible. Displaying the lengths a family will go to in order to protect one another, this movie offers a solid balance between emotion and horror.

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