Recognizing ‘femicide’ in Canada

Last year in Canada, a woman or girl was killed every 2.5 days, on average.

A rather chilling statistic, no?

The information comes from an “inaugural report on femicide that argues the issue must be better understood in order to reduce the number of slayings,” said a CTV article.

The first yearly report from the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability was recently issued. The report “answers a call from the United Nations for countries to better track gender-related killings of women, said lead author Myrna Dawson, the observatory’s director and a professor at the University of Guelph,” the article said.

This report aims to recognize the reasoning behind female deaths in Canada, and how these reasons differ from those of men. In doing this, the report will attempt to convey how femicide can be better comprehended and avoided.

“It really drove home how often this was happening when we were monitoring this on a daily basis,” Dawson said in the article. “Women are still most at risk of men that they are intimate with or who they should be able to trust.”

The report revealed that 148 women and girls were killed in 2018 throughout 133 incidents, with over 90 per cent of the accused being men.

Some of the incidents referenced in the report are ongoing, Dawson said in the article. She explained that “researchers intend to follow the cases through the justice system the coming years to better understand the factors that went into each.”

The report further unveiled that 21 per cent of the women and girls who were killed in 2018 were killed by a stranger; 53 per cent were killed by intimate partners; 13 per cent were killed by male family members.

Had I not stumbled across this article, I would not have known about these occurrences amongst Canadian women and how common they are. I strongly consider everyone to read the article, linked above, in order to better educate ourselves about this issue.

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