Change your attitude, change your life

We’ve definitely all heard about “the power of a positive attitude,” yet I question how many of us truly acknowledge just how influential a change in attitude can be when it comes to everyday life.

It is incredibly easy for us to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We’re under stress and deadlines; the to-do list continues to grow; and you’re struggling to remember the last time you had five minutes to yourself. In the midst of this hustle and bustle, it’s far too easy to allow our thoughts to take a negative turn and procure a crappy attitude in the process.

I believe that we as humans have a tendency to seek out negative. It’s far less work for us to focus on what’s wrong in our lives as opposed to what is right, and over time, we lose sight of the positive because we’ve become so immersed in the negative.

This is where maintaining a positive attitude comes into play.

By actively choosing to see things in a more optimistic light, we’ve already invested in a positive attitude. We make a conscious effort to focus on what is good, or beneficial in our lives, and, in the process of adapting our attitude, we begin to lose sight of the negative things that were once at the forefront.

I started a gratitude journal a few weeks ago, and I truly believe this is a wonderful practice for anyone. Each night before bed, I take a couple of minutes to write down what I am grateful for on that given day. By choosing to identify the positive things in our lives, we have less time to focus on the negative, and, really, everyone can spare two minutes at the end of the day to ease into this attitude transition.

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