It’s healthy to sleep with your pup

A recent article will have dog lovers rejoicing. A University of Alberta study has cultivated results that suggest sleeping with a dog could benefit chronic pain sufferers. The findings contradict other medical advice that recommends sleeping without a dog for people who experience long-term pain. “A small study published earlier this year of people … More It’s healthy to sleep with your pup

Bad news: mammals literally can’t evolve fast enough to avoid extinction

We’re all relatively aware that our world and the environment is going (or, in some cases, has gone) to poop. Some are more aware than others, but a recent article outlining findings from Aarhaus University has me questioning just how aware we really are. The article explains how us humans are abolishing animal and … More Bad news: mammals literally can’t evolve fast enough to avoid extinction

Studying ancient poop

If you were to read the title of this post and immediately close the tab, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s a bit odd for sure, but rest assured, this information is entirely scientific and comes from a reputable source; a article. The article reports that researchers from the University of Oxford in the zoology … More Studying ancient poop

It’s time to cut off that negative friendship

I have addressed the topic of toxic friendships here on my blog more than once, but I feel like it is a topic I can revisit since it is, unfortunately, relevant to so many of us. What comes to mind when you think about a healthy, positive friendship? Arguably support, understanding, fun, entertainment, trust, communication … More It’s time to cut off that negative friendship

Is too much sleep bad?

I absolutely love sleep, and to be fair, who the heck doesn’t? It’s like a temporary escape from reality in which all worries and stressors are forgotten. That being said, too much sleep can, unfortunately, be rather bad. A Eurekalert article describes how results from the world’s greatest sleep study suggest that folks who sleep between … More Is too much sleep bad?


Oct. 10, yesterday, was 2018’s #WorldMentalHealthDay. The following information is from an Ontario government release that was issued on #WorldMentalHealthDay: “Up to 30 per cent of Ontarians aged 15 and up experience a mental health or addictions issue. About one in five children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge. It’s estimated that … More #WorldMentalHealthDay

Too much vitamin A?

A Medical Press article snagged my interest when I stumbled across it a few days ago as it warns of the damage of consuming too much vitamin A. The article references a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology that suggests an overload of vitamin A could diminish bone thickness and density, which could, in turn, increase … More Too much vitamin A?

Have ‘gluten-free’ options made things worse for celiacs?

A study from a new Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics has explored how the expansion of the gluten-free food industry in terms of available options has impacted persons diagnosed with celiac disease. The study surveyed 17 celiac adults in Canada and found that participants referred to the booming gluten-free industry as a “double-edged sword.” Why? Despite … More Have ‘gluten-free’ options made things worse for celiacs?

A hate for tobacco

An article from discusses the findings of a new report from scientists at Imperial College London that shows six trillion cigarettes, produced annually, can influence climate change, water and land use, and toxicity. It goes on to detail how the process of farming tobacco leads to significant land use, water consumption, use of pesticides and … More A hate for tobacco

Acne can contribute to a lower quality of life

A Eurekalert release titled “Acne stigma linked to lower overall quality of life, Irish study finds” reports that women and young girls who experience acne are more likely to face a lower quality of life than males with acne. A study from the University of Limerick, Ireland, has revealed that people who suffer from acne are … More Acne can contribute to a lower quality of life

Ed Gein: the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

After viewing Leatherface, which I reviewed in yesterday’s post, I thought I would take it upon myself to do some research and determine whether or not the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise was inspired by true events. To my complete horror, I learned that it is, loosely. Ed Gein lived in a farmhouse in Wisconsin, which would later be referred … More Ed Gein: the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Can milk provide relief from Chemotherapy side effects?

Chemo side effects are no joke. I’ve seen one too many people endure the brutal impact of chemotherapy on their bodies, my mom included, and although I have no clue what it’s like to experience these side effects myself, I can guess that they’re pretty friggen awful. There could be good news for those who … More Can milk provide relief from Chemotherapy side effects?

Sunflower pollen can protect bees

A new study from researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers some good news regarding the current bee epidemic, according to a Eurekalert article today. The study suggests that providing bees with access to sunflowers could be the most effective way to ensure their health and overall well-being. Through … More Sunflower pollen can protect bees

Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

When I noticed that #GenderEqualityWeek was trending on Twitter this week, I was pleasantly surprised that this initiative is occurring right at home on Canadian soil. This is the first time this movement is occurring in Canada, and thus far, it’s received a very positive response via social media (do a quick search, you’ll see … More Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

Product review: Dove Dryness & Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Dandruff has never been something that has been an issue for me, up until the past year or so. Rather, I struggled more with oily hair, therefore a dry scalp was never on my radar. Wouldn’t you know, within the past year I’ve been experiencing dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp. I read once that … More Product review: Dove Dryness & Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

Profile: Emilia Clarke

Because I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan, it’s safe for anyone to assume that I’m also a massive fan of a majority of the cast, specifically Emilia Clarke. This woman is so damn classy, goofy and wonderful, and her ability to be all of these things simultaneously is one of the few reasons I’m such … More Profile: Emilia Clarke