Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

So often I encounter individuals who are extremely uninformed about agricultural practices in Canada, specifically Ontario. I do not mean this as an insult; rather, as an observation. I have been passionate about agriculture and farming for as long as I can remember. Being born and raised, and further working on my family farm has taught … More Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

Car Seat Safety

During my internship with CAA Niagara, I was asked to write a blog post discussing car seat safety and what parents need to know prior to purchasing one. The post, from the CAA Niagara blog, is as follows: “Car seats are an absolute necessity when ensuring the safety of your child, yet according to Transport … More Car Seat Safety

Have You Been Hacked?

A couple of nights ago I was alarmed to receive an email from Facebook informing me that someone using the email “laurenarva@hotmail.com” was attempting to change my Facebook password in Baghdad. I immediately followed the steps to re-secure my account through Facebook as instructed, though encountered yet another email the following morning. Someone in Baghdad … More Have You Been Hacked?

Remembering All Mothers On Mother’s Day

With today being Mother’s Day, I deemed it appropriate to discuss the significance of what this day represents, for all mothers, in all contexts. Mother’s Day provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation and gratitude towards our own mothers, and other mothers, but for some women, this day is extremely difficult to acknowledge … More Remembering All Mothers On Mother’s Day

At-Home Sunburn Remedies

With the sun becoming increasingly hotter as a result of global warming, sunburns are unfortunately becoming more prevalent throughout the summer months. I recently became victim to a painful burn, and after doing some research, I came across some natural, at-home remedies for sunburns that may be useful to you or someone you know. MedicineNet.com offers … More At-Home Sunburn Remedies

Inexpensive and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day Approaching, perhaps you’re feeling the pressure to find your mom the perfect gift to show her how much you appreciate her. While the sentiment is genuine, Mother’s Day gifts really don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, especially if they’re homemade. From my own experience with my mom, handmade … More Inexpensive and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Product Review: OGX’s Silk Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray

I have always used hot tools to style my hair. When I was younger I relied tremendously on straighteners, and now that my hair is longer I typically reach for my curling wand. As much as I love the results provided by styling tools, I’m not a fan of the damage they tend to leave … More Product Review: OGX’s Silk Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray

Don’t Be A Bird, Eat Your Turkey!

For many people, the thought of consuming turkey only occurs throughout the Holidays, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving. This stereotype is unfortunate, however, considering just how beneficial eating turkey is for the human body. Turkey can benefit the body in a variety of different ways if ingested. For example, turkey is inevitably a solid source … More Don’t Be A Bird, Eat Your Turkey!

Explore Ontario

Perhaps it is somewhat hypocritical of me to write this post considering I have only been to one location on this list, but Ontario has more to offer in terms of breathtaking views than a majority of us may realize. These hidden treasures within our province were named as the most beautiful spots to see … More Explore Ontario

Why All Post-Secondary Education Programs Should Offer Internships

As I discussed in a post a couple of weeks ago, I recently completed a one-month internship placement at CAA Niagara, the Thorold Branch, as the final component of my Public Relations program at Niagara College. All of my colleagues and I were placed at different companies and organizations throughout the Niagara region, with a … More Why All Post-Secondary Education Programs Should Offer Internships

Product Review: Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System

It is arguable that the most important component in your face cleansing routine is doing just that – cleansing your skin. Many individuals who wash their face are unknowingly leaving debris, dirt and makeup behind, even after cleansing, because it can be challenging to entirely rid your skin or dirt depending on your line of … More Product Review: Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System

Product Review: OGX’s Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

                      You know the saying, “why fix something if it isn’t broke?” I should have taken this saying into consideration when I was shampoo shopping a couple of weeks ago. I finished up the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner I was using recently, and despite … More Product Review: OGX’s Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner


I mentioned in a previous post that after being re-tested for food intolerances, I learned that I am intolerant to potatoes. This occurred because I was avoiding gluten, and in doing so, I was consuming more potato than ever before (potato starch is often used to replace wheat in gluten-free items). In addition to being … More Yeast-Free?

No Fixed Address

I was invited via my colleagues at CAA Niagara to participate in the No Fixed Address Event in order to raise money for YWCA Niagara, an organization that provides shelter, food and assistance to women and families in poverty in the Niagara region. No Fixed Address is a 24-hour live-in-your-car-a-thon in which participants raise money … More No Fixed Address

What’s With Toners?

I try my absolute best to abide by a consistent and beneficial skin care routine. Because I have acne, I sometimes struggle to identify what components of my routine are effective, and consequently, which are not. Over time, I have come to understand that an effective skin care routine for me, personally, includes a cleanser, … More What’s With Toners?