The Importance of Effort in Long-Term Relationships

Earlier this week my boyfriend and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. I realize four years really is nothing overly significant in comparison to couples who have been married for forty years or higher, but for Blaine and I, four years is worth celebrating. I was up in Niagara for school and Blaine was back home … More The Importance of Effort in Long-Term Relationships

My Favourite Movies

Movies, for me, are a tricky topic. I definitely enjoy movies, but I tend to gravitate more towards television series when I am looking for something to watch. I do have movies I favour over others, though, so without further ado, here are some of my favourite flicks. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Make … More My Favourite Movies

Fitness Myths

Fitness can be tricky enough without added myths or fabricated ideas. According to an article by, the following are some of the most common fitness myths in existence. Myth #1: Crunches are the most effective exercise in terms of developing abs Fact: While crunches certainly are a great exercise to aid in toning the abdominal … More Fitness Myths

Design Home

I am not one for games on my phone, but sometimes, I explore the App store to see what is new and exciting. Roughly two months ago I came across an App called Design Home, and figuring I would give it a chance, I downloaded it and began to play. Design Home is an interior design … More Design Home

The Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Game

On February 12, my boyfriend and I traveled to Toronto to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play Tampa Bay Lightning at the Air Canada Centre. This particular game was my second NHL experience, and although my seats were better for the first game I attended, the game itself on Monday was riveting. The game was … More The Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Game

Lemongrass Restaurant

Earlier this week my mom and I took my grandparents out for dinner to Lemongrass restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario. Lemongrass offers Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and this occasion was my second time eating at the restaurant. I wanted to dedicate a post to Lemongrass because it really is a fantastic restaurant. The restaurant in Hamilton … More Lemongrass Restaurant

Product Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I used some of my Sephora membership points with my last online order to snag a mini-sized version of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I had heard fantastic reviews regarding this product, so I figured I would seize the opportunity to try it out for myself. The full-size version of this product retails … More Product Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario

My mom and dad recently returned home from their vacation to North Carolina. They drove down, therefore they made several stops in small farm towns, and they spent a majority of their time in Raleigh and Durham. Regarding Durham in particular, my parents were astounded with the tobacco heritage that continues to exist there current … More The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario


My college Public Relations course has allowed me to acknowledge how important networking is in the realm of Public Relations. Networking is one of the most effective ways to reach out to and connect with potential future employers, and further to familiarize oneself with potential future co-workers. Through my program’s emphasis upon networking, I have come … More LinkedIn

Better Farming Magazine

Better Farming is the biggest and best magazine for Ontario’s business farmers, according to their website. It was launched by AgMedia in 1999 and continues the proud tradition of editorial excellence of its predecessor, Farm & Country. Better Farming‘s professional approach to ag journalism sets them apart from other agricultural media outlets and defines their service … More Better Farming Magazine

Galt Juice Bakery’s Quinoa Puff Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am beyond thrilled that I have been able to compose two posts as of late discussing some tasty treats I can consume with my food allergies. The first was my post regarding Newton’s No Gluten products, and today’s post regards Galt Juice Bakery’s Quinoa Puff Chocolate Chip Cookies. My sister picked up these cookies … More Galt Juice Bakery’s Quinoa Puff Chocolate Chip Cookie


The surgery I had to repair ligaments in my foot and further remove bone fragments has made it impossible for me to drive for the past six weeks. Thankfully, a lovely friend has been driving me to and from my classes at Niagara College, and my family has been driving me down to Thorold and … More Uber


January 31st marked the annual #BellLetsTalk day, a movement to advocate for mental health awareness and to communicate the concept of inclusion towards those impacted by mental illness of any type. The hashtag #BellLetsTalk was used throughout the day on January 31st over 133 million times in Canada, breaking all pre-existing records regarding interactions with the … More #BellLetsTalk

The Top Components of Event Planning

One of my Public Relations courses for this semester is Event Planning, a large component affiliated with Public Relations. We recently learned about the main components of Event Planning, and I thought I would reference my notes to share this beneficial information. I credit these notes to my professor, Carly Root, and Niagara College. Event … More The Top Components of Event Planning

The 2018 Grammy’s

On Sunday evening my roommates and I came together to view the 2018 Grammys awards show in Madison Square Garden, New York City. I had never watched an entire Grammys award show prior to this occasion, and despite the ceremony being rather long (7:30-11 p.m.), I actually genuinely enjoyed it. The ceremony was packed with … More The 2018 Grammy’s

Product Review: Fragrance Sampler & Certificate For Her

I received the Fragrance Sampler and Certificate For Her from Shopper’s Drugmart for Christmas, and I wanted to do a review of the product because I believe it makes for a fantastic gift. The Sampler retails for $85.00, and in it are ten sample sizes of ten different fragrances. In addition to receiving a wide array … More Product Review: Fragrance Sampler & Certificate For Her


When I was in my first year of university, I was absolutely obsessed with the television series known as Supernatural. I breezed through the first five seasons in a relatively short span of time, however, after the conclusion of the fifth season, I stopped watching for some reason. I was skimming through television series on … More Supernatural


It recently came to my attention that I have not yet composed a post regarding the platform I use to convey the material on my blog, said platform being WordPress. I have been using WordPress for several years now, both with my own personal blog and further with various academic assignments. For one of my college courses … More WordPress