Why You Need To Stop Asking If Someone Is Pregnant

Desi Perkins, a Youtuber specializing in makeup, recently posted a video in which she discusses the struggles she and her husband have been facing for several years in their desire to start a family. She has mentioned in previous videos that after years of trying, she and Steven, her husband, did conceive, however she miscarried and … More Why You Need To Stop Asking If Someone Is Pregnant

Product Review: Dove Sensitive Shield Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Sweaty, smelly armpits aren’t exactly the most attractive thing in the world. Unfortunately, however, they’re far more common for a lot of us than we’re willing to admit, hence prompting today’s post. My armpits have always been a bit of a nuisance for me, personally. They sweat more than what one may categorize as ‘normal,’ … More Product Review: Dove Sensitive Shield Dry Spray Antiperspirant

A Societal Acceptance of Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and/or counselling can be thoroughly beneficial for individuals in a variety of contexts. Whether professional help in these regards is sought for mental illness treatment, relationship conflicts, or simply to speak freely with an unbiased person, therapy and counselling are generally a great help to those who make use of them. I have noticed … More A Societal Acceptance of Therapy and Counselling

Why Someone Else’s Weight Is None of Your Business

A couple of days ago I had a heart-to-heart conversation with someone close to me about the amount of judgment that exists in contemporary society regarding plus-size individuals. The stigma surrounding overweight people has always bothered me, but the conversation I had with someone I love who happens to be a victim to this stigma … More Why Someone Else’s Weight Is None of Your Business

Brantford’s International Villages Festival

Every year throughout the first week in July, the city of Brantford, Ontario, is host to the International Villages Festival. Brantford is the only city to offer the International Villages Festival in the province of Ontario, and it is a wonderful way to permit individuals to experience different cultures they likely would not otherwise. The … More Brantford’s International Villages Festival

Suicide Amongst Farmers

An article by Irina Ivanova titled “Farmers are Killing Themselves In Staggering Numbers” caught my attention the other day when it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. I was aware that mental illness and suicide is prevalent in the farming community, but this article allowed me to recognize just how severe … More Suicide Amongst Farmers

The Selfie

Ahhhhh, the selfie. The simple act of taking a picture of oneself, usually taken with the intention of posting the photo on a social media website to display to others. With websites like Instagram and Facebook gaining popularity among internet users, selfies have become a mandatory aspect of self-representation in the world of social media. … More The Selfie

How Reliable is PETA?

I recently viewed a PETA video, narrated by Kat Graham, depicting the horrid condition of several hen barns in British Columbia. Unkept, inhumane, and blatantly unacceptable, the barns that were featured in this video are a poor example of how farming occurs in Canada. I am completely and entirely against animal cruelty in any way, … More How Reliable is PETA?

Product Review: Essence’s The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume and Curl

Mascara is one of my best friends. I rarely leave the house without a few strokes of the wand against my eyelashes, and for me personally, I find mascara to be one of the most effective ways to wake up tired-looking eyes. I have been using my Covergirl mascara for quite a while now, and … More Product Review: Essence’s The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume and Curl

Summer Date Ideas

Date night between a couple is time intended to serve as enjoyable and romantic, not boring. Yet, over time, it becomes difficult to come up with new and exciting date ideas to keep things fresh between you and your partner. I did some brainstorming and did my best to come up with some unique and … More Summer Date Ideas

Here’s Why You Can’t Beat Classic Rock & Roll

I can thank my parents for my eternal love of classic rock and roll music. Growing up, country and rock were typically played in our household, specifically on Sunday mornings, and although they may seem like insignificant memories to others, for me, they are the reason I have such a passion for music. I often … More Here’s Why You Can’t Beat Classic Rock & Roll

Small Town Living

I identify as someone who thoroughly enjoys living in a small town. So often you hear negative comments about small towns, or even living in the countryside, but for those who have yet to experience small town living, these comments really are inaccurate. It is hard for me to articulate in words what exactly it … More Small Town Living