The Benefits of Being Outgoing

For some individuals, the concept of being outgoing and furthermore social can seem incredibly daunting. Putting oneself in a position in hopes of meeting new individuals and sparking friendships leaves the possibility of feeling vulnerable, even insecure, hence why for some persons it is easier to remain quiet and contained. Personally, I am a rather … Continue reading The Benefits of Being Outgoing

Television Series Review: Paranormal Survivor

I am absolutely fascinated with the concept of paranormal encounters and furthermore investigations. Approximately ten years ago I was beyond terrified of such concepts, however within the past several years my perspective of the paranormal has altered and I simply cannot get enough of it. I just finished watching season one of Paranormal Survivors on … Continue reading Television Series Review: Paranormal Survivor

Niagara College, Welland Campus

At the beginning of September I began my (hopefully) final year of post-secondary schooling at Niagara College, specifically the Welland campus. I am a student in the Public Relations program and actually switched into the program rather last-minute considering I was initially enrolled in the Journalism program. I attended an orientation event at the college … Continue reading Niagara College, Welland Campus

How to Strengthen your Back Muscles

As of late I have been encountering some discomfort in my back. It comes and goes, feeling similar to pulled muscles, and this discomfort prompted me to do some research and designate some exercises that are intended to strengthen back muscles. These particular exercises come from Kneeling Extension: Begin this exercise by placing both … Continue reading How to Strengthen your Back Muscles

The Recent Increase in Natural Disasters

If you have been following the news as of late you're arguably aware of the succession of natural disasters occurring in various global regions. After hurricane Harvey plagued Houston an additional hurricane (Irma) developed and has destroyed regions in St. Martin, Florida and Turks and Caicos. Shortly after reports regarding Irma were released, news of … Continue reading The Recent Increase in Natural Disasters

Restaurant Review: Gran Sasso

To celebrate my mother's birthday my family and I had dinner at one of her favourite restaurants. Gran Sasso, located in Brantford, Ontario, offers absolutely fabulous Italian cuisine with such cuisine being genuinely authentic - the owners (Dan and Patty Mercante) explain on their website that their family immigrated from Castelli, Italy, to Brantford in … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Gran Sasso

Concussions: More Than Just A Headache

Concussions are a topic that have received far more attention in contemporary society regarding their severity than they ever have in prior medical research, and for good reason. They are not something to take lightly or ignore, and they are more prevalent than one may think. A majority of persons who experience concussions are unaware … Continue reading Concussions: More Than Just A Headache

Mayweather Vs Mcgregor: The Fight of the Century

I will be honest in stating that I failed to watch the actual fight between Mayweather and Mcgregor because I was fast asleep. I did, however, conduct some research regarding the outcome of the match the next day; the following information is derived from World recognized boxer Floyd Mayweather engaged in the match with … Continue reading Mayweather Vs Mcgregor: The Fight of the Century

Foods to Avoid Throughout Pregnancy

According to an article on global (, there are six specific foods women would avoid while pregnant. This information may be beneficial to women who are currently expecting and furthermore women who plan to conceive in the future, and I hope it can be of aid to you or someone you may know. Fish … Continue reading Foods to Avoid Throughout Pregnancy

Should Basic Life Skills be Added to the Educational Cirriculum?

In the midst of a constructive conversation with my mom and sister the other day, I came to the realization that the educational curriculum is somewhat flawed in the sense that it does not offer the teaching of basic life skills for young adults. We were discussing the concept of mortgages and tax payment, and … Continue reading Should Basic Life Skills be Added to the Educational Cirriculum?

Dangerous Spiders in Canada? Here’s What You Need to Know

I read an article via regarding dangerous spiders in Canada ( and figured I would dedicate a post to the topic considering most individuals arguably are not aware of harmful spiders residing within Canada. I personally was taken aback whilst reading the article because I was unfamiliar with the presence of dangerous spiders in … Continue reading Dangerous Spiders in Canada? Here’s What You Need to Know