How privileged are we as a society to complain about an Amber Alert?

I imagine you’ve likely heard about the outrage sparked by an Amber Alert, issued in Canada, on Valentine’s Day. The Alert was sent to a majority of Canadians who own a cellphone within Ontario to alert them of an 11-year-old girl from Brampton who was reported missing. Unfortunately, the girl, Riya Rajkumar, was found dead at … More How privileged are we as a society to complain about an Amber Alert?

Promoting self-love

It can be difficult to recognize things about ourselves that we appreciate, or love. I would argue that because we are socially conditioned to seek out our flaws and the flaws of others, a social construction that is perpetuated through social media, print media, and visual media, we fail to consider that there are things … More Promoting self-love

Film review: Pompeii

I’m a sucker for a medieval man (don’t judge me), and I’m also a sucker for Kit Harington. You can imagine, therefore, my anticipation to view Pompeii, a medieval movie starring Kit Harington as a gladiator. This movie has been out for a while now, and it’s been teasing me on my Netflix recommendations for … More Film review: Pompeii

Is Zaful legit?

I made my first Zaful purchase back in the summer. If I recall correctly, I ordered a couple of shirts, and perhaps a dress. Last week, my second order from Zaful arrived in the mail, and I thought I could write about my experiences with this retailer, as I believe a lot of people are … More Is Zaful legit?

Steven Tyler opens Janie’s House for abused women

Whether or not you’re a fan of Aerosmith’s frontman, Steven Tyler, you may be as pleased as I am to learn that he recently opened Janie’s House, a facility intended for abused and neglected girls in Memphis, Tennessee, an NBC article said earlier this month. The chosen name, Janie’s House, comes from the band’s 1989 … More Steven Tyler opens Janie’s House for abused women

Not feeling like yourself? That’s okay, me neither

Today’s post differs slightly from the typical content I discuss here on my blog, but I think it’s important to draw attention to the topic. As of late, I’ve been feeling pretty bland. Down might be a better word for it. I don’t wish to use the term depressed as I haven’t been properly diagnosed, … More Not feeling like yourself? That’s okay, me neither

Can walnuts help with depression?

This is nuts, ladies and gentlemen. Findings from a recent epidemiological study suggest that “consuming walnuts may be associated with a lower prevalence and frequency of depression symptoms among American adults,” said a Eurekalert release, originally from Edelman Seattle. Researchers involved with this study assessed participants for depression. They discovered that “depression scores were 26 … More Can walnuts help with depression?

Pet peeves

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has a pet peeve of some sort. Perhaps some of us refrain from actually exercising the use of the cliche term ‘pet peeve,’ as it is often over-used and inappropriately tossed around. But, at the end of the day, everyone is fully aware of something that pisses … More Pet peeves

What does sleeping have to do with your genes? A lot, apparently

Ever find yourself wondering why your sleeping habits are the way that they are? Perhaps you sleep like a rock, and a tornado couldn’t even wake you. Or maybe you’re a light sleeper, and find it difficult to ever get a restful night’s sleep. Night owl, morning person, or somewhere in-between, it turns out that … More What does sleeping have to do with your genes? A lot, apparently

Respect for tobacco

There is a chance you glimpsed at the title of this post and thought to yourself, “what in the actual hell? How could anyone respect something that has such a negative connotation affiliated with it?” And these thoughts are warranted, assuming you’re not familiar with the rich heritage tobacco has in the province of Ontario. … More Respect for tobacco

Food for thought: does what you eat influence your memory?

Who knew that what you consume on a daily basis could affect your memory? Well, Ajuriel Willette, an assistant professor at Iowa State University in the department of food science and human nutrition, along with his team of researchers, proved just that. Willette and his team unveiled a satiety hormone through research that could lower the … More Food for thought: does what you eat influence your memory?

Finding and supporting local businesses

Local business and their success have always been of importance to me. Their importance likely stems from being raised in an agricultural environment, where small businesses often collaborate for a greater result, and further my sisters own small business. Seeing the folks who own and operate small businesses, busting their butts each and every day … More Finding and supporting local businesses

Helping someone with a mental illness

We’re all relatively familiar with the level of stigma that surrounds mental health. For whatever reason, society, over the years, has convinced the majority of the population to be afraid of discussion pertaining to mental health, and in turn has resulted in many tragedies and silent sufferings. Mental health can definitely be a difficult thing … More Helping someone with a mental illness