What you need to know about CBD oil and driving

When marijuana became legal in Canada last fall, a lot of questions and concerns were vocalized regarding the effects of cannabis and how it may interfere with other daily activities. One significant concern that was raised by many was how cannabis and driving don’t mix, which, in my opinion, is an incredibly warranted claim. To … More What you need to know about CBD oil and driving

Slather on that SPF

Considering the current weather fluctuations happening in the province of Ontario, it might be difficult to consider the fact that warmer weather and sunnier days are on their way. But, they’re a comin’, and it’s wise to make a mental note that sun and heat aren’t necessarily the best elements for the skin. I thought … More Slather on that SPF

A rise in reports of sexual assault

“Statistics Canada says police-reported sexual assault cases went from 59 per day to 74 in three months.” This statement comes from a CBC article released Thursday. The article explains that despite a spike in reported assaults, an increase in criminal charges hasn’t occurred. “After sexual assault allegations against movie executive Harvey Weinstein first surfaced in October 2017 … More A rise in reports of sexual assault

Is too much sleep bad?

I absolutely love sleep, and to be fair, who the heck doesn’t? It’s like a temporary escape from reality in which all worries and stressors are forgotten. That being said, too much sleep can, unfortunately, be rather bad. A Eurekalert article describes how results from the world’s greatest sleep study suggest that folks who sleep between … More Is too much sleep bad?

Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

When I noticed that #GenderEqualityWeek was trending on Twitter this week, I was pleasantly surprised that this initiative is occurring right at home on Canadian soil. This is the first time this movement is occurring in Canada, and thus far, it’s received a very positive response via social media (do a quick search, you’ll see … More Canada’s first-ever Gender Equality Week

A look inside Canada’s most expensive listed home

An article from The Star snagged my attention the other day when it appeared on my phone. Written by Carola Vyhnak, the article tells the story of Oakville’s Chelster Hall estate with an asking price of $59 million dollars. Previous owner of the estate is Hugo Powell, retired president of Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd. in … More A look inside Canada’s most expensive listed home

Port Dover

I feel like Port Dover is a little gem in Ontario that often fails to get credit for how darn cute and nautical it is. My family and I have been visiting Port Dover yearly since I was a toddler, and over the years I have come to appreciate this little town and all it … More Port Dover

Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

So often I encounter individuals who are extremely uninformed about agricultural practices in Canada, specifically Ontario. I do not mean this as an insult; rather, as an observation. I have been passionate about agriculture and farming for as long as I can remember. Being born and raised, and further working on my family farm has taught … More Misperceptions About Canadian Agriculture

Explore Ontario

Perhaps it is somewhat hypocritical of me to write this post considering I have only been to one location on this list, but Ontario has more to offer in terms of breathtaking views than a majority of us may realize. These hidden treasures within our province were named as the most beautiful spots to see … More Explore Ontario