Don’t underestimate the dollar store

I could be completely wrong in this observation, but based on my own experiences, I think there are two mentalities people have towards the dollar store in this world – you either love it or hate it, and there isn’t usually any sort of middle ground or an in-between.

I think anyone who pulls their nose up at the dollar store and considers their merchandise to be shitty is rather ignorant and probably hasn’t set foot in any type of buck store in the last few years. Dollar stores as a collective unit are stepping it up in terms of what they carry and the quality of it, and anyone who refuses to frequent these stores are doing themselves a disservice, in my own humble opinion.

I’ve gotten some great items from dollar stores over the years, and while the odd purchase may turn out to be a dud because it is poorly made, for the most part, my purchases have been worth it in terms of their longevity. I find a lot of dollar stores carry cute and quirky knick-knacks, and I have several of them all over the house.

You can find just about any essential item at a dollar store, and they continue to impress me with the vast array of items they’re stocking their shelves with, and furthermore, their consistently reasonable prices. Granted, most things in the dollar store are not a dollar, but the majority of items are under five bucks, and that’s a steal in today’s economy.

Whether it be cleaning products, hair elastics, mouthwash, canned food or baking tools, the dollar store has you covered, and then some. I visited one a few days ago and picked up some adorable flower pots, and their fake plant/flower section is often worth visiting, too.

Go check out a dollar store, my friends.

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