Here’s the problem with mainstream media coverage

Media and news outlets are things we as a society rely tremendously upon to gain insight and knowledge about current events across the globe. Politics, disasters, violence and weather are just a few examples of topics we seek to learn about, and for the most part, this information is readily available across a variety of … More Here’s the problem with mainstream media coverage

13 things you need to start doing to be a happier person

Being happy is important. A rather simple statement, yes, though one that runs deep with legitimacy and significance. If you aren’t happy, it’s difficult to designate reasoning to continue to move forward and progress in this crazy thing we call life. As I mentioned in a previous post, I haven’t really been feeling like myself … More 13 things you need to start doing to be a happier person

Promoting self-love

It can be difficult to recognize things about ourselves that we appreciate, or love. I would argue that because we are socially conditioned to seek out our flaws and the flaws of others, a social construction that is perpetuated through social media, print media, and visual media, we fail to consider that there are things … More Promoting self-love

Pet peeves

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has a pet peeve of some sort. Perhaps some of us refrain from actually exercising the use of the cliche term ‘pet peeve,’ as it is often over-used and inappropriately tossed around. But, at the end of the day, everyone is fully aware of something that pisses … More Pet peeves

Finding and supporting local businesses

Local business and their success have always been of importance to me. Their importance likely stems from being raised in an agricultural environment, where small businesses often collaborate for a greater result, and further my sisters own small business. Seeing the folks who own and operate small businesses, busting their butts each and every day … More Finding and supporting local businesses

Helping someone with a mental illness

We’re all relatively familiar with the level of stigma that surrounds mental health. For whatever reason, society, over the years, has convinced the majority of the population to be afraid of discussion pertaining to mental health, and in turn has resulted in many tragedies and silent sufferings. Mental health can definitely be a difficult thing … More Helping someone with a mental illness

Embracing Anxiety

It’s probable that when you hear the term ‘anxiety,’ you automatically associate it with a negative connotation. Likely because we have been socially conditioned to acknowledge anxiety as a mental illness, a burden, and one that requires correction. As someone who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, I can understand why the condition is … More Embracing Anxiety

Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Eating disorders are hell on their own, but dealing with one during the holidays adds an extra emphasis of anxiety that most people are unfamiliar with. While I have been in remission of my own eating disorder for a couple of years now, I still have thoughts that arise almost daily, attempting to convince me … More Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Enjoying the moment

I’d like to imagine that you’re reading this while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, at the table, just finishing breakfast. The crumbs from your meal are on a plate beneath your hand, holding your phone, or maybe they’re on a plate, off to the side, because you’re reading this on your laptop. I … More Enjoying the moment

Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

Controversy regarding the widely-known Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, has a lot of people sharing their somewhat heated opinions across social media as of late. In case you haven’t heard of this controversy, people are upset with certain lyrics in the song that implies male patriarchy and female submission/oppression. Prior to the onset of … More Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

The power of song

I would bet money that a majority of people on this planet have a select few favourite sons that they can hear time and time again without growing tired of them. Perhaps the song reminds them of their childhood. Maybe it sparks memories of young love. Or, it could just have a rockin’ beat that … More The power of song