Embracing Anxiety

It’s probable that when you hear the term ‘anxiety,’ you automatically associate it with a negative connotation. Likely because we have been socially conditioned to acknowledge anxiety as a mental illness, a burden, and one that requires correction. As someone who deals with anxiety on a daily basis, I can understand why the condition is … More Embracing Anxiety

Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Eating disorders are hell on their own, but dealing with one during the holidays adds an extra emphasis of anxiety that most people are unfamiliar with. While I have been in remission of my own eating disorder for a couple of years now, I still have thoughts that arise almost daily, attempting to convince me … More Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Enjoying the moment

I’d like to imagine that you’re reading this while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, at the table, just finishing breakfast. The crumbs from your meal are on a plate beneath your hand, holding your phone, or maybe they’re on a plate, off to the side, because you’re reading this on your laptop. I … More Enjoying the moment

Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

Controversy regarding the widely-known Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, has a lot of people sharing their somewhat heated opinions across social media as of late. In case you haven’t heard of this controversy, people are upset with certain lyrics in the song that implies male patriarchy and female submission/oppression. Prior to the onset of … More Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

The power of song

I would bet money that a majority of people on this planet have a select few favourite sons that they can hear time and time again without growing tired of them. Perhaps the song reminds them of their childhood. Maybe it sparks memories of young love. Or, it could just have a rockin’ beat that … More The power of song

A rise in reports of sexual assault

“Statistics Canada says police-reported sexual assault cases went from 59 per day to 74 in three months.” This statement comes from a CBC article released Thursday. The article explains that despite a spike in reported assaults, an increase in criminal charges hasn’t occurred. “After sexual assault allegations against movie executive Harvey Weinstein first surfaced in October 2017 … More A rise in reports of sexual assault

A sad societal state

In case you haven’t seen any news over the past, say, five years or so, let me begin by stating that the state of our world is complete shit. Yes, complete shit. I said it. Whether you’re arguing this from an environmental perspective, a social perspective, a human rights perspective, an economic perspective, whatever perspective … More A sad societal state

How to stand up for yourself (respectfully)

Being pushed around sucks. One might think that this typically happens during our childhood years, during which it is commonly referred to as bullying. Spoiler: it still happens when we’re adults, and it’s still called bullying. Standing up for oneself is such an important thing to do in warranted situations, but sometimes, depending on the … More How to stand up for yourself (respectfully)

Here’s to women

The other evening, around the dinner table, my mom, sister and I got into a discussion pertaining to just how incredible women are. Specifically, how women are absolute troopers for going to work with a smiling face, through menopause and PMS and menstruation and all of the other joys the female body has to offer. … More Here’s to women

Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?

We often ask ourselves this question, specifically when we observe a relationship that is not only unhappy, but further unhealthy. It is difficult to understand why people remain in unsatisfactory relationships, however, according to a University of Utah release, the answer could come as a surprise. The University of Utah study examined whether people who … More Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?

It’s time to cut off that negative friendship

I have addressed the topic of toxic friendships here on my blog more than once, but I feel like it is a topic I can revisit since it is, unfortunately, relevant to so many of us. What comes to mind when you think about a healthy, positive friendship? Arguably support, understanding, fun, entertainment, trust, communication … More It’s time to cut off that negative friendship