Here’s how to turn someone’s day around

Everyone has bad days every now and again. It’s relatively inevitable. Things don’t go as planned, stress rises, and soon, it seems as though the universe is working against us. Although bad days are somewhat unavoidable, there are ways to turn someone’s day around who really needs a break. I thought I would compile a … More Here’s how to turn someone’s day around

The long-term effects of chemotherapy no one tells you about

Chemotherapy, as we’re all aware, is a harsher than hell drug that takes all sorts of tolls on the human body. Granted, its ability to cure cancer arguably outweighs the negative side effects, but nonetheless, it is a very aggressive drug. Both of my parents have had cancer in the past, though only my mother … More The long-term effects of chemotherapy no one tells you about

DIY Easter decor

With Easter quickly approaching, you may find yourself stressing over upcoming family meals and get-togethers. Perhaps you were under the impression you had far more Easter decoration than you actually do, and you’re contemplating a last-minute shopping spree at Michaels to ensure your house is looking Easter ready for the upcoming holiday. If you’ve discovered … More DIY Easter decor

PSA: It’s okay to struggle sometimes in relationships

I firmly believe that maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with a partner is more difficult in today’s society than it has ever been in the past. Between a dependency on social media, the rising cost of living, and communication difficulties, it’s easy to understand how and why relationships fail nowadays. Perhaps the separation between … More PSA: It’s okay to struggle sometimes in relationships

Gardening hacks

Perhaps I’m a little early with this post, but with spring approaching, I thought it might be neat to do some research and determine ways to enhance your gardening game. I’m no gardener myself, but my sister is, and I help her with her garden, which she uses for her business, on occasion. Whether you … More Gardening hacks

Product review: VicTsing’s Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve had my fair share of bad luck with diffusers. I’ve gone through two in the past year, one of which seriously ruined the top piece of my Maple dresser on my room because it had a fit and somewhat exploded all over the wood. So, I’ve been looking for a durable, decently priced one, … More Product review: VicTsing’s Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

Body positivity: progressive or dangerous?

Body positivity is, in my opinion, perceived in one of two ways; a positive movement involving confidence and acceptance of oneself, or a negative message that perpetuates the ideology that being overweight and unhealthy is okay and praised. I was chatting with my sister about the two sides of the concept. My sister, who happens … More Body positivity: progressive or dangerous?

Craving real barbeque? Visit Saltlick Smokehouse

My sister, cousin and I are all rather avid fans of protein, so when the opportunity presents itself to enjoy some authentic, delicious barbeque, you can bet we take full advantage. The three of us decided to try out Saltlick Smokehouse in Hamilton, and we weren’t disappointed. Located on James St. North, this little joint … More Craving real barbeque? Visit Saltlick Smokehouse

Film Review: The Dirt

In light of Bohemian Rhapsody released earlier this year, depicting the story behind Queen, The Dirt, a similar style film portraying the story behind Mötley Crüe, recently became available via Netflix. My boyfriend and I watched it a couple of nights ago, and overall, I think it is well-executed and absolutely worth the watch. Starring … More Film Review: The Dirt

Series review: Haunted

As my fascination in the paranormal realm continues to grow, I’m continuously on the hunt for new shows and series that document real-life experiences with the supernatural. I discovered a series on Netflix titled Haunted last week, and after completing the six-episode season, I thought I would share my opinion of the series with you … More Series review: Haunted

Just when you thought Emilia Clarke couldn’t get any better

I am a serious fan of Emilia Clarke. The woman exudes class, elegance and sophistication, and she’s also hilariously goofy and down-to-Earth, based on what I’ve seen from interviews and talk-show appearances. While most of us likely know her as Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s Game of Thrones (she also goes by Khaleesi of the Great … More Just when you thought Emilia Clarke couldn’t get any better