Let’s talk about Australian cattle dogs

I hardly consider my love for Australian cattle dogs to be a secret. My family has owned and loved them since I was a young girl, and now Blaine and I have one of our own; Lenny is an Australian cattle dog mix, but I still think she fits the blue heeler criteria, even if … More Let’s talk about Australian cattle dogs

Get ‘otter’ here!

I sincerely hope someone appreciates the title of today’s post. Is it corny? Yes. Did I literally chuckle as I typed it out? Yes. No ragrets. My former statement is a reference to the widely popular film We’re the Millers, in case anyone was concerned about my welfare regarding the spelling of the word ‘regrets.’ … More Get ‘otter’ here!

Trust your gut

I would wager that the majority of us are familiar with the expression ‘trust your gut.’ Essentially, the saying implies that our digestive organs have the ability to send us subliminal messages pertaining to, oftentimes, hairy situations, and that we should trust the message being conveyed. Phrased in this manner, it is understandable why a … More Trust your gut

Vikings: Valhalla – season two shenanigans

I wouldn’t say I’ve been shy in expressing and sharing my love for all things Norse with you, my lovely readers. I find the Viking period of history, as well as Vikings themselves to be astoundingly admirable people in what they accomplished in their time on this earth, and I believe their ingenuity and warrior/farmer … More Vikings: Valhalla – season two shenanigans

… and some more absolutely random rock and roll facts

I said in yesterday’s post that today’s would again cover some very incidental facts affiliated with the musical genre known as rock and roll, and here we are. I try to keep my posts around 300 words or less so as not to lose anyone’s attention, therefore I won’t be including each and every fact … More … and some more absolutely random rock and roll facts