Way to go, Gillette

A new commercial from Gillette, a well-known men’s hygiene company, is creating quite a stir across social media platforms as of late. The advertisement, titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” is a short-film style commercial that makes reference to patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and the #MeToo movement regarding non-consensual sexual harassment, assault, and violence. … More Way to go, Gillette

Medical man caves?

Driving home from work a couple of days ago, I was listening to the radio broadcaster discuss a new addition to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. What is this new addition, you ask? None other than a medical man cave. Man Cave Health is “is working to save lives and preserve the quality of men’s lives … More Medical man caves?

Recognizing misleading animal activism (cough, PETA, cough)

Scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed the other day, I stumbled across a post from PETA that thoroughly pissed me off (no, I do not follow PETA on Twitter, don’t worry). The post was linked to an article titled “‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jerome Flynn: Reject Cruelty, Go Vegan,” and since I am a huge Game … More Recognizing misleading animal activism (cough, PETA, cough)

Brock University controversy

Brock University, and former professor, David Schimmelpenninck, have caused quite a stir as of late. Schimmelpenninck encountered scrutiny in 2016 when a CBC news investigation revealed that “Brock had warned a former student to keep quiet about an internal investigation that determined Schimmelpenninck gave her alcohol and tried to force himself on her sexually,” a Monday CBC article … More Brock University controversy

Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Eating disorders are hell on their own, but dealing with one during the holidays adds an extra emphasis of anxiety that most people are unfamiliar with. While I have been in remission of my own eating disorder for a couple of years now, I still have thoughts that arise almost daily, attempting to convince me … More Dealing with an eating disorder during the holidays

Stop denying transgender identities

The significance of acknowledging transgender identities has always been apparent to some, but an article published via MedicalXpress highlights its significance even further. The New York Times published a story in October titled “‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration.” Depicting efforts from the Department of Health and Human Services, the story addressed a … More Stop denying transgender identities

McDonald’s to reduce antibiotic use in beef

McDonald’s has announced its plan for a “phased reduction” of antibiotic use in their beef products. The announcement came on Tuesday, a Phys.org article said. The chain detailed its three-stage process in which it will conduct a study “of its top 10 beef sourcing markets of current antibiotic use in livestock and by 2020 establish … More McDonald’s to reduce antibiotic use in beef

Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

Controversy regarding the widely-known Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, has a lot of people sharing their somewhat heated opinions across social media as of late. In case you haven’t heard of this controversy, people are upset with certain lyrics in the song that implies male patriarchy and female submission/oppression. Prior to the onset of … More Baby, it’s … getting real heated outside?

We have a serious plastic problem

Findings from a recent study examining over 100 sea turtles of all seven species, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean oceans, are rather disturbing. Published in the journal Global Change Biology, the study was conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and Greenpeace Research Laboratories, a CNN article said. Over 800 synthetic particles were … More We have a serious plastic problem

Could this gene prevent weight-gain while eating as much as you like?

Hang on to your hats, folks; an article via MedicalXpress discusses a topic some of us often dream of – a gene that could protect from obesity while consuming as much food as desired. When RCAN1, a single gene, was removed in mice, and the same mice were given a diet high in fat, they … More Could this gene prevent weight-gain while eating as much as you like?

A majority of Americans are lying to their doctors

Have you ever withheld information from your physician that you knew you probably should share? Well, apparently Americans do so frequently. “Between 60 and 80 percent of people admit they avoid telling their doctor details that could be relevant to their well-being,” a MedicalXpress article states. A study conducted by senior researcher Angela Fagerlin, chair … More A majority of Americans are lying to their doctors

A solution for gluten?

An article from EMBO, re-sourced by Eurekalert, offers some potentially promising news for those of us who are intolerant to gluten, or, more seriously, celiac. Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that can seriously damage the intestinal system, can appear in genetically pre-disposed people, however, it is triggered via environmental factors, the article explains. “When people … More A solution for gluten?

Skin cancer is (very much) on the rise

An article from Queen Mary University of London reports some rather alarming findings pertaining to skin cancer. Data originating from the UK skin cancer database has unveiled that there are over 45,000 “cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (cSCC) every year in England, 350 per cent more than previous estimates suggested,” the article states. Squamous cell carcinoma … More Skin cancer is (very much) on the rise

How prevalent are eating disorders amongst youth?

An article published via Eurekalert discusses a study conducted by Jama Pediatrics in an attempt to understand how common eating disorders are amongst children. Upon initial thought, most of us likely assume that eating disorders and children and two things that are not intended to be affiliated with each other. The Jama Pediatrics study, however, … More How prevalent are eating disorders amongst youth?

Addressing sexual assault amongst elders

An article posted on The Conversation addresses a difficult topic to tackle; sexual abuse and assault towards elderly people, specifically women. A disheartening topic for sure, but also one that demands recognition and acknowledgement in hopes of preventing these occurrences from occurring. The article outlines research that was published in Legal Medicine that looked at 28 forensic medical … More Addressing sexual assault amongst elders

Social media impacts how we see our bodies, but not in a good way

The relationship between social media and body image is one I have revisited on several occasions, on here, on a project I did for university, and for one I completed in college. Despite my frequency in dabbling with this topic, it continues to spark conversation. And not in a good way. An article from York … More Social media impacts how we see our bodies, but not in a good way