Do yourself a favour and watch ‘You People’

I will begin this post by addressing the fact that while it is a recent release, thus far, the film ‘You People,’ directed by Kenya Barris and Jonah Hill, has earned some ratings that are absolute shit. Just about every Google search result depicts an onslaught of foul words and critiques towards this film, and I’ll be honest in saying I’m glad I didn’t check the reviews prior to watching it, because doing so probably would have deterred me from giving it a chance. Granted, I try not to take reviews of anything too seriously because I firmly believe you should base your opinions on things based on your own personal experiences as opposed to the experiences of others. Still, sometimes, I’ll unwillingly let them sway my opinion a little too much.

‘You People’ portrays the life of a man named Ezra, played by Jonah Hill, who is at a point in his life in which he finds himself yearning for a companion. He ends up meeting a woman in a hilarious and unexpected way, and they decide to pursue a life together. One tremendous issue they’re facing in their relationship is a glaring cultural and religious clash between their parents, and it isn’t getting quashed anytime soon, despite the best efforts of Ezra and Amira.

Blaine and I found this movie to be pretty funny, and we both laughed aloud several times. I did find a few of the scenes to be excessive in terms of culturally and religiously inappropriate comedy, but aside from that, I did enjoy the humour.

The movie is a bit lengthy, but I didn’t find it to be dragging on or anything like that. ‘You People’ is funny, quick-witted, and entertaining, but I’m not sure I would watch it again. I realize that is a rather hypocritical statement, but I hope that somehow makes sense.

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