Film Review: The Dirt

In light of Bohemian Rhapsody released earlier this year, depicting the story behind Queen, The Dirt, a similar style film portraying the story behind Mötley Crüe, recently became available via Netflix. My boyfriend and I watched it a couple of nights ago, and overall, I think it is well-executed and absolutely worth the watch. Starring … More Film Review: The Dirt

Series review: Haunted

As my fascination in the paranormal realm continues to grow, I’m continuously on the hunt for new shows and series that document real-life experiences with the supernatural. I discovered a series on Netflix titled Haunted last week, and after completing the six-episode season, I thought I would share my opinion of the series with you … More Series review: Haunted

Here’s why you need to watch Godless on Netflix right now

In case you’re searching for a fantastic new series to watch on Netflix, I’ve got you, friends. It’s called Godless, and it’s everything you need out of a television series right now. Godless is a Western television series playing on Netflix, set in the 1800s. It depicts the stories of several key characters, though focuses … More Here’s why you need to watch Godless on Netflix right now

Film review: Pompeii

I’m a sucker for a medieval man (don’t judge me), and I’m also a sucker for Kit Harington. You can imagine, therefore, my anticipation to view Pompeii, a medieval movie starring Kit Harington as a gladiator. This movie has been out for a while now, and it’s been teasing me on my Netflix recommendations for … More Film review: Pompeii

Films with a leading lady earn more at the box office

An article from The Washington Post offers some rather information pertaining to the success of films at the box office. A recent study suggests that flicks starring women are more successful worldwide box offices compared to flicks starring men, the article says. Examining the 350 highest-grossing U.S. movies released between January 2014 and December 2017, … More Films with a leading lady earn more at the box office

Film review: Within

Last weekend I watched Within with my boyfriend, Blaine. The movie description provided by Netflix seemed intriguing, so we figured we would give it a go. We hadn’t viewed a horror flick in a while, and this one seemingly fit the bill. Starring Michael Vartan as John Alexander, Erin Moriarty as Hannah, Alex’s daughter, Nadine … More Film review: Within

The Haunting of Hill House: final thoughts

Alas, I have finished the ten-episode first season of The Haunting of Hill House. Seriously, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with this Netflix original series, I highly recommend doing so. I’m pretty bummed it’s only ten episodes, because that’s how damn good this show is. But, at the same time, perhaps it’s best that it’s … More The Haunting of Hill House: final thoughts

Ed Gein: the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

After viewing Leatherface, which I reviewed in yesterday’s post, I thought I would take it upon myself to do some research and determine whether or not the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise was inspired by true events. To my complete horror, I learned that it is, loosely. Ed Gein lived in a farmhouse in Wisconsin, which would later be referred … More Ed Gein: the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre