Let’s talk about Australian cattle dogs

I hardly consider my love for Australian cattle dogs to be a secret. My family has owned and loved them since I was a young girl, and now Blaine and I have one of our own; Lenny is an Australian cattle dog mix, but I still think she fits the blue heeler criteria, even if … More Let’s talk about Australian cattle dogs

Get ‘otter’ here!

I sincerely hope someone appreciates the title of today’s post. Is it corny? Yes. Did I literally chuckle as I typed it out? Yes. No ragrets. My former statement is a reference to the widely popular film We’re the Millers, in case anyone was concerned about my welfare regarding the spelling of the word ‘regrets.’ … More Get ‘otter’ here!

Bear with me…

I won’t go so far as to say the title of today’s post is an improvement from yesterday’s, but I do think it’s slightly less corny. I could be completely wrong and it is possible today’s title is, in fact, even worse than yesterday’s, but I like to be as optimistic as possible, so let’s … More Bear with me…

How ‘bear’ you?

Please excuse my sad attempt at a quirky pun for the title of today’s post. Bear puns aren’t exactly the most common thing, so it was a little tricky trying to make a play on words about these majestic beasts. Bears scare the absolute shit out of me, and they always have. I’ve been scared … More How ‘bear’ you?

Get your goat on

I feel as though one could strongly argue that there are two types of people in this world; ones who love and adore goats, and others who don’t, likely because they’ve had an unfortunate encounter with one or something along those lines. At least, that’s the only reason I can come up with as to … More Get your goat on

Let’s hear it for hippos, again

I’m not someone who particularly enjoys going back on my word, and when hippos are the subject matter, there is absolutely no exception to the rule. In yesterday’s post, I said today’s would also discuss hippos and share some interesting facts affiliated with them, and here we are. Again, this information comes from http://www.natgeokids.com. “6)┬áDespite … More Let’s hear it for hippos, again

Get your pig on

I think it is safe to say that I’ve been on a bit of an animal roll as of late, but I’m quite content covering this material. Animals are truly wonderful beings, and I think more of us could benefit from learning about specific creatures from time to time to broaden our minds and knowledge … More Get your pig on