Do you really know what you’re saying?

Words, in principle, can be fickle. In trying to determine which specific words to use when trying to express a certain emotion or feeling, it can be challenging to identify which words will deliver your message in the best way possible; precisely, concisely, and clearly. English is a bitch of a language even for native … More Do you really know what you’re saying?

What in the word?

As most of us English-speaking individuals are well aware, English is a rather unique language in terms of its grammatical stipulations, spelling, and phonetical pronunciation of certain words. I would go so far as to say that a lot of elements of the English language don’t make much sense, and seeing as I studied English … More What in the word?

Acknowledging flaws in post-secondary education

A few nights ago, my family and I were discussing post-secondary education, specifically university institutions, and how, really, they aren’t so great in terms of the educational curriculum they offer. This may be a bold statement, and I realize this stance varies significantly depending on the subject matter or specific area of study one may … More Acknowledging flaws in post-secondary education