What gets your blood boiling?

Perhaps this isn’t the most optimistic post I’ve written, but that’s okay. I would be lying if I said all of my blog posts address positive material, and today’s post is no exception.

When I was attempting to come up with a topic for today’s post, my mind wandered into the realm of pet peeves, or, more simply put, shit that really pisses me off. We all have our own version of pet peeves, and because I find it interesting to hear what other people’s are, I thought I would share some of mine with all of you. Chances are you can relate to some of these, if not all.

  • When I can hear people eating – close your damn mouth. You aren’t a cow, so please don’t chew your food like cud
  • When I’m already in a hurry and whatever garment of clothing I’m wearing gets snagged on a door handle
  • When people put things back in the fridge or cupboard that are nearly empty. Just fucking finish it
  • When someone constantly interrupts me (Blaine)
  • When my OCD and perfectionism kick in when I’m cleaning and I can’t remember whether or not I already cleaned something so I end up doing it twice unnecessarily
  • Getting hair in my eyes
  • When people talk to someone via phone, in a public place, on speakerphone. I certainly didn’t ask to participate in your conversation, so please don’t assume I’m interested in listening to a discussion that has zero relevance to me
  • Trying to talk to someone when they’re on their phone
  • People who drive under the speed limit
  • Receiving advice or recommendations when I didn’t ask for any
  • Chalk – not a fan
  • Arrogance
  • Self-pity

I’m certain I’m missing a few, but these were the pet peeves that came to mind when I started pondering the matter. What are some things you simply cannot stand?

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