Bachelorette reminiscing

Last weekend, I got together with my bridesmaids to celebrate my bachelorette. Blaine and I are getting married in less than three weeks, so shit is getting very real now. That’s not to say shit hasn’t been real for the last eight years I’ve been with Blaine. I figured I should clarify that to avoid … More Bachelorette reminiscing

Have you been to Spencer’s at the Waterfront?

This past weekend, my bridesmaids and I partook in my bachelorette. I plan to dedicate an entirely separate post to share the glorious details of my bachelorette with all of you. Don’t you worry. To provide you with some context, one of the elements of my bachelorette was dining at Spencer’s at the Waterfront in … More Have you been to Spencer’s at the Waterfront?