Let’s hear it for moose

I will be entirely transparent and admit that while I respect and appreciate moose, I find them a bit terrifying. I don’t know what exactly it is about them that freaks me out, but it might have to do with the fact that whenever I lay eyes on one via photos, I find myself looking … More Let’s hear it for moose

As it turns out, shower mirrors are great gadgets

Prior to living with my husband, I’ve never given much thought to who might require the services of a reflective surface while showering. As a woman, the regions of my body that require hair removal aren’t anywhere close to my face, therefore I’m not someone who needs a mirror in the shower as I’m not … More As it turns out, shower mirrors are great gadgets

Bear with me…

I won’t go so far as to say the title of today’s post is an improvement from yesterday’s, but I do think it’s slightly less corny. I could be completely wrong and it is possible today’s title is, in fact, even worse than yesterday’s, but I like to be as optimistic as possible, so let’s … More Bear with me…

How ‘bear’ you?

Please excuse my sad attempt at a quirky pun for the title of today’s post. Bear puns aren’t exactly the most common thing, so it was a little tricky trying to make a play on words about these majestic beasts. Bears scare the absolute shit out of me, and they always have. I’ve been scared … More How ‘bear’ you?