How well do you know planet Earth?

While I often communicate within my blog posts that life itself hasn’t necessarily been overly great for the past while, due to a variety of factors, I do realize how damn lucky we are when it comes to our planet and the incredible things it offers us. Nature, in essence, is awe-inducing, and some of the sights our eyes are met with, courtesy of Mother Nature and our planet, are difficult to comprehend in regard to the entirety of the beauty they contain.

I wanted to see what sorts of facts about our surreal planet I could find with a quick Google search, and this information comes from

“1. There are over 3.04 trillion trees on the planet…

4. Fungi are important organisms in the environment. They transfer nutrients from decomposing wood and leaf litter to aquatic systems, consume fossil fuel spills, and release important molecules into the soil.

8. You can recycle paper from trees six times. After the sixth time, the paper’s fibers become too weak and cannot hold together.

80. Owls do not have eyeballs.

81. Heat is the most dangerous weather event.

82. Frogs can jump 30 to 50 times their body length.

83. Unlike humans, horses and cows sleep while standing up.

84. Of all the plant types, humans consume maize, wheat, and rice the most.

85. Cows kill more people than sharks. Cows kill a whopping twenty-two people each year, while sharks kill five people every year.

120. Wolves, Bears, and Bison are making a comeback in Europe,” the web page explains.

If you happened to notice that the order of these points is quite random, and is not at all in numerical order, it is because a lot of the facts about our world these days are depressing as hell, so I had to pick and choose to keep the optimistic tone for the sake of this post.

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