Have you heard of the ‘let them’ theory?

I figure it is usually best to take any information gained via social media with a grain of salt. If sources and references are provided alongside an educational social media post, that’s wonderful; the majority of things we see on social media platforms, however, in an educational context, are often presented without any background information, … More Have you heard of the ‘let them’ theory?

The significance of sticking to your guns

I’m sure we have all heard the saying ‘stick to your guns,’ or something along those lines, at one point or another. In essence, the saying suggests the importance of staying true to ourselves, whether it be a specific choice or decision in life, or perhaps something affiliated with a certain sort of relationship; romantic, … More The significance of sticking to your guns

The significance of respecting differences

It would be an absolute rarity to go throughout life without ever encountering someone with beliefs or opinions that differ from our own. As people, we are all individually unique, meaning it’s almost impossible to engage with someone who completely and entirely agrees without hesitation with another persons beliefs and opinions. Despite our obvious and … More The significance of respecting differences