A solution for gluten?

An article from EMBO, re-sourced by Eurekalert, offers some potentially promising news for those of us who are intolerant to gluten, or, more seriously, celiac. Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that can seriously damage the intestinal system, can appear in genetically pre-disposed people, however, it is triggered via environmental factors, the article explains. “When people … More A solution for gluten?

Have ‘gluten-free’ options made things worse for celiacs?

A study from a new¬†Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics¬†has explored how the expansion of the gluten-free food industry in terms of available options has impacted persons diagnosed with celiac disease. The study surveyed 17 celiac adults in Canada and found that participants referred to the booming gluten-free industry as a “double-edged sword.” Why? Despite … More Have ‘gluten-free’ options made things worse for celiacs?