Have ‘gluten-free’ options made things worse for celiacs?

A study from a new Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics has explored how the expansion of the gluten-free food industry in terms of available options has impacted persons diagnosed with celiac disease.

The study surveyed 17 celiac adults in Canada and found that participants referred to the booming gluten-free industry as a “double-edged sword.”


Despite being thankful for more food options, celiacs have found that an increase in gluten-free foods has resulted in a serious misunderstanding of what celiac disease entails, as well as the severities of the disease, because no many non-celiacs have cut gluten from their own diets.

The study reports that this misunderstanding “made certain types of social situations more easily manageable–for example, there were more gluten-free options available at restaurants.” However, the study also reports that the spike in gluten-free food availability had celiacs concerned that they would accidentally ingest gluten, and further the worry that their condition made them seem “high maintenance” to others.

I am not celiac positive. I am intolerant to gluten, and there is a huge difference between a food allergy and an intolerance. I do not eat gluten because it gives me terrible gas, bloating, pain, and other conditions I’m not so inclined to share with you on the world wide web; however, I will not experience serious health complications if I accidentally consume gluten.

Celiacs, on the other hand, will.

I respect people in their choice to alter their diets for whatever reason, but I do agree with the findings of this study. So often when I request for something to be gluten-free when eating out, I feel judged and have even detected irritation on behalf of restaurant servers upon my request.

I think it is interesting to acknowledge how strongly the gluten-free fad (if you will) has come about as of late. I don’t know why anyone would willingly give up bread if they didn’t have to, but that’s just my opinion.


The referenced article can be found at Eruekalert.

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