Another get to know me

I haven’t whipped up one of these bad boys in a while, and I always enjoy doing them, hence why you’re reading another get to know me right now.

I’ll admit that the more of these blog posts I do, the harder they become. Perhaps it’s an indication that I’m not an overly interesting person, but I shall persevere nonetheless.

  • When my sister and I were young, we did Muttin’ Busting, which involves young children, typically under the age of ten, riding bucking sheep in a rodeo arena and holding on for dear life. It may sound ludicrous, but it’s a great way to toughen your kids up and teach them basic life skills. Trust me.
  • Squash is a vegetable I will likely never eat
  • Red peppers are another
  • Green peppers are something I will consider eating if there’s dip available
  • I consume copious amounts of cereal and bananas
  • My digestive system works quite well as a result
  • My favourite social media platform is Twitter
  • One of my favourite Twitter accounts to follow is @thoughtsofdog
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine is quickly becoming one of the best shows I have ever watched
  • The Blair Witch Project still gives me the creeps, and I first saw it a few years ago
  • I am completely fascinated with, but respectful and leery, of the supernatural realm
  • I once had the back of my earring seal itself inside my earlobe and had to have it cut out with a scalpel
  • I can’t wear any shoes with heels anymore after having reconstructive ligament surgery on my foot last December
  • I strongly believe hippos and narwals are significantly underappreciated in the animal kingdom
  • I can bend my nails in half, both forwards and backwards (it’s as gross as it sounds)
  • Rock, country and rap are my preferred music genres

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