‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’: is it worth the watch?

A few nights ago, Blaine and I were finishing up an episode of ‘Queer Eye’ at his place. The episodes are roughly 40 minutes or so, meaning when it finished we had to find something else to watch. We wanted to switch it up a bit, so after browsing through Netflix, we settled on a … More ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’: is it worth the watch?

Film Review: The Dirt

In light of Bohemian Rhapsody released earlier this year, depicting the story behind Queen, The Dirt, a similar style film portraying the story behind Mötley Crüe, recently became available via Netflix. My boyfriend and I watched it a couple of nights ago, and overall, I think it is well-executed and absolutely worth the watch. Starring … More Film Review: The Dirt