‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’: is it worth the watch?

A few nights ago, Blaine and I were finishing up an episode of ‘Queer Eye’ at his place. The episodes are roughly 40 minutes or so, meaning when it finished we had to find something else to watch. We wanted to switch it up a bit, so after browsing through Netflix, we settled on a new flick titled ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’.

I had heard about this movie a few months prior, but not for good reasons. Everything I had heard about this film was terrible, but the trailer was rather intriguing, so we decided to take a chance and hit play.

This movie “… is a 2021 American crime thriller film directed by Randall Emmett in his directorial debut, from a screenplay by Alan Horsnail. It stars Megan FoxBruce WillisEmile HirschLukas HaasColson Baker and Lydia Hull,” according to its Wikipedia Page. “Based on the true story of Texas’ most dangerous serial killer with the dramatization translocated to Florida. FBI agent Karl Helter and his partner, Rebecca Lombardi, are very close to busting a sex-trafficking ring. When they realize their investigation has crossed the path of a brutal serial killer, they team up with Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Byron Crawford who has years on this case. When Rebecca herself is abducted by their target and her life hangs in the balance, Byron has precious few hours to piece together the last clues and put an end to the infamous ‘Truck Stop Killer‘.”

The premise of the film is a promising one, and I found the plot to be suspenseful and interesting. The characters, on the other hand, fell a bit short in terms of their dynamic and persona, and while the acting wasn’t terrible, it could definitely be better in a lot of ways.

This movie is extremely violent and deals with sensitive, potentially triggering subject matter, so I do not recommend watching if it has the potential to upset you. Otherwise, I don’t think it is nearly as bad as critics have made it out to be, and I can say I would honestly watch it again.

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