Let’s hear it for Winona Ryder

For folks that grew up in the late 80s and 90s, the name Winona Ryder arguably rings a bell. For younger generations, I’m not if any recognition of the name would occur if it weren’t for the hit television series Stranger Things, but at least she’s gaining some momentum amongst the youngins. I knew of … More Let’s hear it for Winona Ryder

Profile: Tom Hardy

Mr. Tom Hardy is one of my favourite male actors for a variety of reasons. He is incredibly talented and versatile in the roles he takes on and portrays; he seems like a rather down-to-Earth, humble lad; interview clips of him suggest he has a great sense of humour; he is incredibly good-looking. Blaine and … More Profile: Tom Hardy

‘Ghosts of War’: a refreshing take on horror

The opening of this post is similar to yesterday’s in terms of repetition when it comes to me making mention of things I enjoy and am passionate about. Yesterday’s post discussed my love for the television series Vikings, and today’s is, once again, discussing my opinion of a horror movie I recently watched. Blaine and … More ‘Ghosts of War’: a refreshing take on horror

‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’: is it worth the watch?

A few nights ago, Blaine and I were finishing up an episode of ‘Queer Eye’ at his place. The episodes are roughly 40 minutes or so, meaning when it finished we had to find something else to watch. We wanted to switch it up a bit, so after browsing through Netflix, we settled on a … More ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’: is it worth the watch?

If you haven’t seen ‘The Guilty,’ here’s why you should

Yes, folks. Here we are, yet again, reviewing a horror movie. I would say I’m sorry, but I would be outright lying to you if I did. I love me a solid horror movie, and when I see one worth watching, imma let you know. Blaine and I watched ‘The Guilty’ a few nights ago … More If you haven’t seen ‘The Guilty,’ here’s why you should

Profile: Cher

If you were to tell me that you haven’t heard of Cher prior to reading this post, I definitely would not believe you. Unless you had a damn good excuse for being ignorant to a literal superstar, for example, falling off the grid and only recently re-entering society, there really is no explanation for being … More Profile: Cher

Profile: Eric Church

Not too long ago, my sister and I were chatting about underrated country musicians. Eric Church came up and we agreed he is one of the most overlooked musicians in the country music realm, and I’m really not too sure why; he is an incredibly talented musician and performer, and I’d pick his music over … More Profile: Eric Church

Have you seen Don’t Breathe?

The other evening I decided to hunker down and watch Don’t Breathe via Netflix. The movie was under Netflix’s Critically Acclaimed Movies category, and since I often am disappointed by the platform’s selection of horror flicks, I was hoping this one would be good. Thankfully, this time I was not disappointed. Don’t Breathe is a “2016 American horror thriller film produced … More Have you seen Don’t Breathe?