Profile: Millie Brady

If you haven’t heard of Millie Brady, don’t fret. I recently discovered who she is, and because I really appreciate her acting chops, I wanted to write a blog post about her and her story to educate the masses about this lovely young woman.

I first encountered this fine woman in the show I have recently started watching over again from season one, The Last Kingdom. In this series Brady plays Lady Aethelflaed, a bold, brave, and intelligent woman of power in England’s early years. She very much abides by a take no shit from any man attitude in the show, which is the main reason why I took a liking to her so quickly.

Watching The Queen’s Gambit with Blaine the other night, I realized that Brady plays the role of Cleo, a friend of Benny’s whom Beth becomes acquainted with.

Millie Brady (real name is Camilla) is a British actress who was born on Christmas Eve in 1993. In addition to appearing in The Last Kingdom and The Queen’s Gambit, she also appeared in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. She currently lives in Northern London with her sister, says her Wikipedia page, and she also dated Harry Styles a few years back which I was unaware of.

In addition to being a successful actress, she is further a model and has done work for Miu Miu.

I think this woman is a very talented actress, and I imagine she has a pretty successful career ahead of her between acting and modelling. Though I doubt I will ever be in a situation in which I meet her, she seems as though she would be friendly and down to earth.

If you haven’t heard of Millie, give her a quick Google search. Chances are you’ve seen her somewhere before, and likely will again.

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