Get to know Jake Gyllenhaal

I was struggling to come up with a topic for today’s post, yet again, and asked my sister for some inspiration. I told her I was considering doing a ‘profile’ post, in which I write about a specific celebrity and share details of their personal lives with all of you eager readers. My sister recommended … More Get to know Jake Gyllenhaal

Profile: Tom Hardy

Mr. Tom Hardy is one of my favourite male actors for a variety of reasons. He is incredibly talented and versatile in the roles he takes on and portrays; he seems like a rather down-to-Earth, humble lad; interview clips of him suggest he has a great sense of humour; he is incredibly good-looking. Blaine and … More Profile: Tom Hardy

Profile: Cher

If you were to tell me that you haven’t heard of Cher prior to reading this post, I definitely would not believe you. Unless you had a damn good excuse for being ignorant to a literal superstar, for example, falling off the grid and only recently re-entering society, there really is no explanation for being … More Profile: Cher

Profile: Eric Church

Not too long ago, my sister and I were chatting about underrated country musicians. Eric Church came up and we agreed he is one of the most overlooked musicians in the country music realm, and I’m really not too sure why; he is an incredibly talented musician and performer, and I’d pick his music over … More Profile: Eric Church