Profile: Alexander Dreymon

If you haven’t heard of Alexander Dreymon before, don’t stress. I hadn’t heard of this astonishingly handsome lad until I started watching Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, but seeing him play Uhtred in the series and flex some serious acting chops encouraged me to spread some awareness about this guy so more folks are familiar with his gorgeous face.

Mr. Dreymon was born in Germany on February 7, 1983. Fluent in German, French and English, he is best known for playing Uhtred of Bebbanburg in The Last Kingdom, but other works of his include Christopher and His Kind, American Horror Story: Coven, and Resistance, a WWII film, says Dreymon’s Wikipedia page.

Although he was born in Germany, he was raised in the U.S., Switzerland and France. He knew from a young age he wanted to be an actor, and so he studied in Paris and further attended Drama Centre London for three years.

He learned to ride horses when he, at one time, lived in South Dakota, and also has familiarity with martial arts.

His biography via IMDb says the reason for him growing up and being raised in so many different regions was a result of his mother being a teacher. He is also good friends with Tom Wlaschiha who played Jaqen H’gha in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

While I hadn’t seen any of this man’s work until I started watching The Last Kingdom, I wish I had. He is an incredibly talented actor, and although I have only seen him in one role, I get the impression his versatility would be impressive.

And, via IMDb, here are some rather entertaining quotes from Alexander:

“There are definitely advantages to not looking like a Viking in real life.”

“The funny thing about acting is, there’s no ‘right’ way to make it. Some people need to work their butts off, and some don’t. They’re just naturals. I wasn’t a natural. I sucked.”

“I did have an imaginary girlfriend.”

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