Have you seen ‘The Devil Below’?

Are we really surprised that I’m writing yet another post reviewing a horror movie?


Yes. Yes I am, and this one I’m eager to discuss with all of you.

Blaine and I watched a movie titled The Devil Below via Netflix not too long ago. I opted to put it on because the trailer really did look promising (and for once did not disappoint in terms of accuracy), and the premise of this movie’s plot is rather unique.

Directed by Bradley Parker, this movie’s basis is as follows: “A group of scientists, led by an adventurer named Arianne, have been searching for the lost mining town of Shookum Hills. The town hasn’t been placed on maps since the 1970s, its population of 1000+ having disappeared alongside Shookum Hills. It’s believed that the disappearance is related to rumors of underground fires that resulted in sinkholes swallowing up the town and team leader Darren believes that the fires were started by a rare mineral,” according to the movie’s Wikipedia Page.

Without giving too much away, allow me to say that it was not fires or sinkholes that seemingly wiped this town off of the face of the Earth.

I was a little bummed to see that The Devil Below hasn’t received the greatest reviews since its release this year. Is it the best horror movie I’ve seen? No, it isn’t. It is, however, a well-executed horror flick, in my opinion, and I thought the cast was great, featuring Alicia Sanz as Arianne, Adan Canto as Darren, Will Patton as Schuttmann, Zach Avery as Jamie, and Chinaza Uche as Shawn.

I’m typically not a big fan of science fiction, and there are, without a doubt, sci fi tropes prevalent throughout the entirety of this movie. However, its presence isn’t super overwhelming or in your face, which is likely why I enjoyed this movie as much as I did.

Do yourself a favour and watch this movie before looking at reviews. I think it’s worth the watch.

Image from https://www.heavenofhorror.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/the-devil-below-2021-review-horror-1200×768.jpg

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