Welcome home, Lenny

I can’t recall for certain whether or not I shared with all of you what happened to my parent’s dog, Finn, a while back, but I feel as though I probably did. Just in case, Finn was seriously injured on our farm, and she stayed with Blaine and me for two months while she recuperated. … More Welcome home, Lenny

We have a serious plastic problem

Findings from a recent study examining over 100 sea turtles of all seven species, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean oceans, are rather disturbing. Published in the journal Global Change Biology, the study was conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and Greenpeace Research Laboratories, a CNN article said. Over 800 synthetic particles were … More We have a serious plastic problem

The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario

My mom and dad recently returned home from their vacation to North Carolina. They drove down, therefore they made several stops in small farm towns, and they spent a majority of their time in Raleigh and Durham. Regarding Durham in particular, my parents were astounded with the tobacco heritage that continues to exist there current … More The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario