Here’s why standing up for yourself is so important

In the current world we are living in, it is somewhat arguable that we as humans have never been more conflicted in terms of our emotions. The coronavirus pandemic has triggered all sorts of different reactions from us in regards to how we are handling its repercussions; some of us have developed mental health issues; … More Here’s why standing up for yourself is so important


Yesterday afternoon, I received a text from Bell reminding me that today is #BellLetsTalkDay. I made a mental note to be sure to use the hashtag across social media platforms as I normally do. Last night, I got to thinking about the matter and realized I should probably put my thoughts onto some virtual paper. … More #BellLetsTalkDay

Here’s why standing your ground via e-communication is so important

We live in a very technology-dominant world. This isn’t a new realization by any means, and with each passing day, more advanced technology is developed with innovation beyond comprehension. Communication has become very technology-oriented, and with that, we have been forced to adapt to chatting with others through the internet, email, text messaging, video calls, … More Here’s why standing your ground via e-communication is so important

Is ‘The Last Kingdom’ better than ‘Game of Thrones’?

I wrote a post a little while ago reviewing a new series I started watching via Netflix titled The Last Kingdom. When I wrote this post, I wasn’t too far into the show in terms of its seasons and the episodes within, but now that I have finished all of the released seasons (season five … More Is ‘The Last Kingdom’ better than ‘Game of Thrones’?

Merry Christmas

Today is the day. December 25, Christmas Day, Santa’s Day … it has a few different names, but regardless, its purpose remains constant; it is a day of celebration on a global spectrum. Without beating a dead horse, I suppose I should make mention of the fact that Christmas 2020 is a hell of a … More Merry Christmas

Mind your tongue

It seems to me as though people in general are excessively miserable as of late. As human beings we are all a little bit miserable from time to time, but recently, it is almost as though all of us had someone shit in our morning coffee. Considering the current circumstances we are finding ourselves in, … More Mind your tongue

Praise for AC/DC’s ‘Power Up’

On November 13, a little bit of humanity was restored when AC/DC released their newest album titled Power Up. Being their 17th studio album and their 16th international album, there has been a lot of anticipation for this musical masterpiece to become available, especially considering they haven’t produced an album since 2014. Featuring the combined … More Praise for AC/DC’s ‘Power Up’