Double standards in religion

As of late, I have been seeing more and more material circulating on social media regarding a semi-recent influx in mockery of the Catholic religion. I say semi-recent because there have always been parodies of Catholicism, but it has escalated within the past few years or so, I would say. In case you didn’t hear … More Double standards in religion

How do you pray?

I’ve always found the concept of prayer to be an interesting one, mainly because of how subjective it is depending on the person praying and their spiritual or religious beliefs. For some of us, prayer is a simple conversation with the man upstairs, once or periodically throughout the day. For others, prayer involves getting down … More How do you pray?

Why Mother! Is More Than Just A Psychological Thriller

I can recall when the movie Mother! came out in 2017. I viewed the trailer for it and was extremely intrigued, as it looked rather eerie and somewhat sinister. Fast forward over a year later, and I have now finally watched this film (the other evening with my boyfriend, to be specific). I have not … More Why Mother! Is More Than Just A Psychological Thriller