Recognizing the diversity of our own stories

As I’ve mentioned once or twice here on my blog, I work full-time for my family on our farm, but I do squeeze in some English tutoring when time permits. I figure I should probably make use of my rather expensive and extensive post-secondary education, and I like to think I’ve managed to establish a decent balance between both agriculture and writing.

At least, I like to think I have.

Through my independent tutoring, independent meaning I don’t work within an agency, I’ve come across some truly wonderful people. I’ve had the privilege of meeting folks I highly doubt I would have otherwise, and I’ve learned a lot in working with them. It’s a bit of a paradox if you will – I’m supposed to be the one helping, teaching and assisting them, and they’re also doing the same for me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to build friendships with some of my clients, and in doing so I’ve been privy to hearing their own backgrounds and stories. I’ve gained a significant amount of information about their cultures, religions, upbringings and general lifestyles in working with them, and I consider myself lucky to be able to meet such diverse and interesting people.

I find it fascinating to expose ourselves to different people. When we encounter new and unfamiliar people, we have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on a variety of things in life. I’ve also been reminded to be humble and grateful for the things I have in my own life that I often take for granted.

I really do think we all have our own unique story, and that being able to share that story with others is a tremendous way to communicate with someone. We all have different paths that have brought us to where we currently are, and it is a privilege to share a path with others on their journey.

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