Here’s how to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

This time of year in Ontario, a lot of folks start experiencing signs and symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, as a result of the daylight savings that occurred a few weeks ago. The clocks went back an hour, which means that by 5pm, we are just about in complete darkness. Seasonal Affective Disorder … More Here’s how to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Slather on that SPF

Considering the current weather fluctuations happening in the province of Ontario, it might be difficult to consider the fact that warmer weather and sunnier days are on their way. But, they’re a comin’, and it’s wise to make a mental note that sun and heat aren’t necessarily the best elements for the skin. I thought … More Slather on that SPF

Gardening hacks

Perhaps I’m a little early with this post, but with spring approaching, I thought it might be neat to do some research and determine ways to enhance your gardening game. I’m no gardener myself, but my sister is, and I help her with her garden, which she uses for her business, on occasion. Whether you … More Gardening hacks