Respect for tobacco

There is a chance you glimpsed at the title of this post and thought to yourself, “what in the actual hell? How could anyone respect something that has such a negative connotation affiliated with it?” And these thoughts are warranted, assuming you’re not familiar with the rich heritage tobacco has in the province of Ontario. … More Respect for tobacco

A hate for tobacco

An article from¬†discusses the findings of a new report from scientists at Imperial College London that shows six trillion cigarettes, produced annually, can influence climate change, water and land use, and toxicity. It goes on to detail how the process of farming tobacco leads to significant land use, water consumption, use of pesticides and … More A hate for tobacco

Research shows quitting junk food is as hard as quitting an addiction

An article from the Medical Press reports that quitting junk food can result in similar withdrawal symptoms that occur when one quits an addiction, specifically in the first week of quitting. The University of Michigan recently did a study that is likely the first to examine withdrawal symptoms of people when they refrain from consuming … More Research shows quitting junk food is as hard as quitting an addiction

The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario

My mom and dad recently returned home from their vacation to North Carolina. They drove down, therefore they made several stops in small farm towns, and they spent a majority of their time in Raleigh and Durham. Regarding Durham in particular, my parents were astounded with the tobacco heritage that continues to exist there current … More The Lack of Appreciation for Tobacco in Ontario

Better Farming Magazine

Better Farming is the biggest and best magazine for Ontario’s business farmers, according to their website. It was launched by AgMedia in 1999 and continues the proud tradition of editorial excellence of its predecessor,¬†Farm & Country. Better Farming‘s professional approach to ag journalism sets them apart from other agricultural media outlets and defines their service … More Better Farming Magazine