Three Years Down, One to Go

This morning I wrote my final exam for my third year at Brock University. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but it definitely feels weird to say the school year is finished for me.

I happen to be finished my year fairly early, seeing as final exams at Brock continue through the month of April, but I am not complaining. I only had two final written examinations, one for my gender and Language class and the other for my Historical Perspectives on Women class, and for my remaining three classes I had to write final papers instead.

I definitely prefer final essays over exams. Personally, I don’t think exams test your knowledge to any extent. Rather, they are a test of memory, and as soon as the exam is over, all of the facts and dates and names you studied endlessly to remember slip from your mind. I think final essays, at least for the English Language and Literature program, are a far more effective way to earn your credit for a course. Granted, all programs are different, and some degrees of study certainly require memorization of historical figures and dates, but I think exams for English courses are pointless. How can you be expected to write a good quality essay on a final exam when you are crammed for time? Would it not make more sense to assign a final essay and grant students the opportunity to craft a well written paper displaying their writing and analyzing skills?

Sorry, I’m ranting here. Just my opinion.

I imagine once September rolls around I will be ready to come back here and get back into the swing of academia, but for now I am quite pleased to be finished my year. My second semester was certainly better than my first in terms of course content and subject matter. First semester consisted of a lot of literature that failed to captivate my attention. I certainly learned the hard way that 18th century literature is not for me. But hey, live and learn, right?

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