Here’s how to spread some Christmas cheer this year

I think it may be safe to say that this year is one in which we could all use a little extra Christmas cheer. It isn’t difficult to figure out why some of us are perhaps feeling rather out of touch with the holiday spirit, but that isn’t to say we shouldn’t try to help generate a little bit of positivity this time of year.

And, thanks to an article from The Good News Network, spreading some Christmas cheer has never been easier.

“A letter-writing initiative that sees bundles of uplifting, personal notes being delivered to individuals in need of kind words is back with its ’12 Days of Love Letter Writing’ campaign, and you can join in on the action.

“Sign up, and each morning you’ll find a new letter request. You’ll then have the day to write your letter to someone who might be feeling lonely or in need of some extra encouragement in the form of a handwritten note, and you can write as many letters as you’d like.

“Everyone taking part sends their letter to More Love Letters’ listed address, and all those notes then get bundled and passed on to the person on the receiving end of the action.

“The people who receive all those kind words, all those handwritten notes and letters and cards? They’ve been nominated by a friend or a family member,” the article says.

The article goes on to explain how More Love Letters has 42,000 Facebook group members, and since the organization was created in 2011, over a quarter of a million letters have made their way to unsuspecting recipients.

We may not realize just how much of an impact simple, small acts of kindness can have on someone, but I believe More Love Letters’ initiative to be a strong demonstration of how something like a handwritten letter can truly make someone’s Christmas.

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