Recognizing the influence fictional characters can have on our lives

If you, at any given point in life itself, have read a book, watched a television series or a movie, or have seen a theatre production, there is a probable chance that you have related to or have been affected by a fictional character. It is possible that the impact of said fictional character influenced you negatively, positively, or both, and I think this is a topic worth discussing.

Take Harry Potter, as a character, for example. I’ve mentioned before that the Harry Potter series is the main reason why I pursued an education in English Language and Literature; it really did have that much of an affect on me as a child, and in a very positive way.

I can recall, when I was younger, consciously thinking about Harry quite often as I went about my day. Certain things would bring him to mind, or other elements of the books, and after a while it almost felt as though I had gained a friend in Harry somehow, even though I acknowledged he didn’t exist.

I find it fascinating how fictional characters can become pivotal elements in our lives. Perhaps you can think of a fictional character in particular that, like me, brought you or continues to bring you happiness. Perhaps you can think of a fictional character that does the exact opposite, for example, Pennywise the clown, or Jigsaw. Regardless of the connotation affiliated with whatever fictional character has relevance to you and your life, it is rather neat how much of an impact they can have.

I encourage you to take the time to brainstorm some fictional characters that have meaning to you. Chances are, you’ll be able to determine more than you may suspect, and it’s kind of a fun little thing to do. Give it a try.

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