The beauty of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace, for anyone who has ever used it, can be a bit of a shit show. You see something you’re interested in and send a message to the seller, only to never hear back; you make the trip to see the item you’re intrigued by in person only to discover it does not resemble, in any way, shape or form, images you saw online.

I could continue to list unfortunate happenings that may or may not be applicable to some of us, but I think you get my point.

Despite the craziness that can occur when it comes to selling items and purchasing items via Facebook Marketplace, it really can be an absolute gem when things go as they should. I’ve collected a few solid items over the years that I’ve found on Marketplace, and all for extremely reasonable prices. I’ve actually gotten a few pieces for mine and my fiancé’s future home within the past little while.

Just a few nights ago, I made a trip to Brantford to pick up an item I grabbed for my sister for her Christmas gift. The quality of the product is great, and the price was incredibly reasonable; I wouldn’t have been able to find a bargain like this one anywhere else, I don’t think.

I wouldn’t recommend using Facebook Marketplace in a general sense, meaning it isn’t exactly useful unless there is a specific item you’re looking for. You can list just about anything to sell on this platform, which makes it a little tricky at times to hone in on what it is you’re looking for in particular. Try to keep your searches as detailed as possible to avoid having to sift through hundreds and hundreds of listings.

If you haven’t used Marketplace before, either for selling or buying, I certainly suggest giving it a try. You really never know what you might find.

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