The beauty of being yourself, unapologetically

This past weekend, my fiancé and I attended a wedding for good friends of ours. The groom has been one of Blaine’s best friends since they were kiddos, and his now wife has also become a good friend of ours over the past few years.

Blaine was a groomsman in this wedding (as he is in most), and both he and I happen to enjoy dancing together once the party begins after dinner and speeches and whatnot.

When I say I personally enjoy dancing, it typically only occurs when I’ve ingested a wee bit of liquid courage. The same goes for Blaine, however he isn’t nearly as shy as I am when it comes to busting a move and tearing up the dance floor.

I couldn’t tell you how many weddings I have been to in the past that I have refrained from dancing at out of embarrassment. I’m not the most graceful woman to walk the planet, and in all honesty, my dance moves arguably resemble those of a honey badger strung out on cocaine. But, in the past little while, I have adopted the “who gives a fuck” mindset and have actually allowed myself to let loose and dance like an absolute manic while attending weddings, and I can say with complete honesty that I’ve never had as much fun at weddings as I have since changing my attitude.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize just how damn important it is to be yourself, unapologetically, and the beauty that exists within letting go. You don’t owe anything to anyone, and the process of self-realization and acceptance is likely one of the most beautiful experiences we can have the privilege to endure over the duration of our lives. Am I a good dancer? Hell no. Do I have a blast when I start boogying without worrying about what others may think? You’re damn right I do, and I bet you would, too.

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